Thursday, February 28, 2008


Thirteen things I have collected over the years… 1. Penguins _ when I was 15 2. Unicorns - when I was 10 3. Cellulite - still ongoing unfortunately 4. Laundry - Will it ever end?
5. Grapes, all things Italian 6. Boyfriends - those were the days 7. Shoes - it is still an ongoing battle to stop, especially sandals 8. Scrunchies - goodbye 90’s 9. Broken appliances - I don’t know why Bill keeps them… I really don’t 10. Gray hair - they just keep coming
11. Freckles - or are they really age spots now that I am almost 40? I really should NOT have sunbathed using Baby oil... I really shouldn't have. 12. Dustbunnies - where do they come from? 13. Purses - it’s an illness

1 comment:

  1. I collect laundry too. I will be sure to send the dust bunnies your way as I see you like collecting


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