Sunday, February 3, 2008


I have officially seen it all now.
Not only is the world OBSESSED with celebrity and such, but now the SUPERBOWL has a red carpet?
What... are they going to start asking the players..."Hello, Tom Brady, who are you wearing today?" Is there gonna be a "Cleat Cam?"
I am not a huge sports nut... but come on!!! Even I can see that Ryan Seacrest does not need to be the MC of EVERY MAJOR TV event, let alone the Super Bowl! I like the guy okay... but can you say
He's on my morning Radio Show, he's on my favorite TV show, we had to watch him for the New Year, we have to see him during awards shows... WHERE DOES IT END!!!
You know... if George Clooney or Matthew McCaughnehottie were to take some gigs, it would be much more palatable. Don't you agree?
I wonder what Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw, or Troy Aikman think about all this red carpet stuff. I wonder if they think it got a little "feminine".
Oh Gosh, please, all the feminists out there, (of which I am one) don't e mail me and yell at me. I love sisterhood and all that. Go Girlpower! I just mean that not everything has to be so "mainstream". One of the things I love about these sports days is the way my men gather together on the couch and laugh, joke, hoot, holler and make sick jokes with each other.
It's fun to watch men be men.
I guess they are trying to make the Super Bowl appealing to the masses. I know LOTS of women that are very into the Super Bowl. I like it too!
I make a big deal about making certain "Super Bowlish" food, sit with them, hoot with them, them go take something out of the oven for them.
It's time for the half time show soon. I'm gonna go now.
I'm back!!! NY won!!! Yahoooo!
Boy, that Manning family has some talent, huh?
Red Carpet... Football game. What next? Nascar? OOHH! Red carpet Olympics...with Carmen Electra as color commentator and Britney Spears as play by play!
Feel free to tell me what you think. I'm sure I ruffled a few feathers.
To all the Seacrest admirers out there... sorry...not! ;)
Didn't Jordin to a FABULOUS job??? The best!


  1. I missed the red carpet show, and yes, that is going to far. I like watching it for the comercials.

  2. I missed the red carpet too. Oh well. The game was fantastic!

  3. You didn't miss much.

    The game WAS awesome!

    Yahhhooo NY!


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