Sunday, February 24, 2008

Set your DVR's, the Oscars are on...

And I haven't seen even one of the movies!
How sad is that? I haven't even seen Michael Clayton and I LOVE George Clooney!
So I guess I will fast forward through all the mumbo jumbo and just watch what I deem important.
I just love DVR's (digital video recorders). I can watch a 1 hour show in about 35 minutes, or tomorrow, or next week!!!
I haven't seen a commercial in about 2 years. I don't know what kind of cars are new, what new TV shows are coming up, if there is a new cell phone company or anything!
I have found myself so impatient now, that I barely watch any dialogue and fast forward to only parts I deem watchable. It drives my hubby crazy. He would just as soon watch all commercials. It drives him crazy that I often fast forward too much and have to back track.
I am going to watch while getting food ready for a big giveaway show on Tuesday night. I am making a bunch of salads and have loads of chopping to do.
I wonder if Ryan Seacrest will be wearing a gown or a suit tonight!
OOOHHH, did I say that out loud?
One of these days I want to host a big party where everyone gets all dressed up and
comes over and we have
Bellini's and Cosmopolitans and watch on my big screen (that we do not have).
Then dance like it's the Governors Ball in my living room, and eat small food on huge plates.
I'd put a red carpet on my front driveway and give away gold colored chocolates.
Ahhh dreams.
Let's hope George wins.
At least I know who he is, and he isn't young enough to be my child.
Have a great Sunday evening.


  1. As my mom would say I know DVR's are BUt I do not like the Oscars so I didn't watch them. I never really like any of the movies they pick anyway.

  2. All Hail the DVR!! What in the world did we do before them?? I'd rather not try to remember.

    I only recorded the red carpet stuff. I haven't seen any of the movies either (& diddo on G.C.) so I didn't care who won...just what they wore.

  3. Hey, have you tried a quick double-click on the play button when you're fast forwarding? Ours seems to go back to where the program needs to start if I don't go too far past. I love it, love it, love it. I want another one hooked up to another TV. But that wouldn't really work for us. I don't like being separate from the family.


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