Monday, February 11, 2008

"Just another Manic Monday"

There's a fungus among us... No, we don't have a disease... ha ha, we are doing
Science Fair Projects in the Shaver Household, as I am sure many of you are.
While my boys are responsible for doing all their own written, research, and journaling work, I like to take charge of the "Decoration" of the board.
Any suggestions on how to simulate mold, mildew and fungus on a Project board, without actually using said disgusting items?
Our back refrigerator looks like a penicillin farm!
No worries, everything is encased in heavy duty plastic.
It's kind of funny checking a refrigerator every day and HOPING for fungus! Sick and twisted, huh? We aim to please!
I could never be a biologist or botanist. I get too grossed out too easily. My boys, however, feel that the more disgusting the better.
I remember having to dissect a frog in 10th grade and a cat in 11th. Do they still do that?
I remember looking at the tag on our cat, who we affectionately called 'Humphrey BoCat", and reading that the cat was "certified" non house broken and died of natural causes. Yeah right.
I always liked science. In college, one of my Physiology courses took a field trip to a morgue and watched an autopsy (my professor was an assistant Medical Examiner). I fainted. Smelling salts smell REALLY TERRIBLE! Did you know that?
Oops, off on another tangent... back to the boys. So, yeah, we are trying very hard to grow some fungus and see which food group grows it the fastest. It seems to grow so quickly when you don't watch it, like all the time in the fridge... but this is taking a long time.
So I'm off to the craft store to buy some pukey color paper, and maybe some green slime, and some little patch of fur to make it look like fuzzy growth on the board. UGH!
Oh! I just looovveee being a Mama to boys. They have the best stuff!
They find the most happiness out of the simplest of disgusting things!
Hey, Let me know what your kids are doing for Science Projects!
We are doing Fungus
and Simulating Cyclones.
Have a great evening!
Buona Sera!


  1. We just finished our science projects and it sure feels good too. I know nothing about fungus but I did buy some tomatoes on Saturday and this morning they had mold so does that count? Good luck I hope you start growing mold soon.

  2. The fuzz sounds good. We did rockets at our house.

  3. COOL! I love rockets, never made one. Maybe next year!

  4. We are finished too. We did hovercrafts and flower seedlings. Since I don't know anything, I gave little help. A certain 4th grader gave me the MOOOM. So good luck on that project dear. Oh and fuzz never grows, unless you thought you could have it for dinner.

  5. Dee! LOL!!! Right again!

    That stupid mold WILL NOT GROW!


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