Friday, February 29, 2008

What a DAY yesterday was... OMG!

There is no barometer to tell us Mama's if we are doing a good job other than what our children do outside of our realm.
I am of the mind that "What you do at home is one thing... what you do outside the home better be exemplary!" Catch my drift?
Yesterday started with the usual "Less talking, more getting ready" rebel yell from me... Dear Ole' Mama. I don't know why my boys seem to have EVERYTHING important to say only from the hours of 6 a.m. - 7:30 a.m. and from 9 p.m. - 10p.m. from their beds. The other hours in between are just not important, I guess.
I get home every morning around 8 a.m. from dropping my men off at school. I RARELY have phone calls from school, unless it is to tell me they need me to volunteer to do something, so imagine my dismay to get a phone call at 8:10 a.m. from THE PRINCIPAL yesterday. Of course, after hearing HIS voice, I immediately think it is worst case scenario, and one of my kids is severely hurt and my heart travels all the way down to my ankles. He has been around the block in schools for 50 years and immediately tells me first thing, Saundra, your boys are fine, I am calling because...
So, I start breathing again, my shoulders relax, my heart makes its way up my legs to it's rightful place, it starts to beat semi-normally, and I sit down... because WHY is the Principal calling ME?!?
Then he says "Saundra, (I require all of them to call me by my first name, Mrs. Mama is my Mother in Law), I have Johnathon in my office, and I regret to inform you that he...
Okay, I am not going to embarrass my kid on the internet and tell you what he did wrong, just rest assured it is something almost all kids do at one time or another, and it was not nasty or anything like that, and no he didn't wet his pants. Let's just say he got a little aggressive with another student, a girl student that persists on terrorizing other students every day.
So he retaliated after she hit him and he was in the Principal's office. You should have heard him crying in the background. Mr. Smith was incredulous. He said Johnny hadn't started crying until he was told I was being called. I giggled. Fear is good sometimes. Fear is exactly what he should have had.
Mr. Smith told me what punishment he was giving Johnny and he was sure I would take care of the rest of the punishment at home. He was right.
So I got off the phone, went about my day, and it was soon time to pick up my little darlings from school. Imagine my dismay when I noticed Johnny AND HIS TEACHER at carpool. Teachers are never with the student when the kids are getting in the car, we all chit chat too much, so the teachers stay with the class and the yard duty people escort the kids to the car.
My first thought... "OH, she is just there because of the "incident" this morning"... I was WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!
Oh! Was I wrong! Yeesh!
She sweetly came to the car... placed my littlest darling in the car and proceeded to tell me he had another altercation with another girl. THIS time, he teacher said, in HIS defense, the little girl hit Johnathon many times and he retaliated in kind... once. Apparently, he captured her flag, she was a poor sport, didn't want to be "out" and started wailing on Johnny. I just slowly turned my head back to him, pursed my lips together, and proceeded to remind him that he has two strikes against him in one day... and did I ever say it was okay to hit girls.
In his defense, this kid really led into him, and he had had enough. He didn't get too punished for it. Girls are so different these days. Not so much the little ladies we used to be.
I certainly don't want them hitting anyone, but I will not allow my children to be door mats either.
So Johnathon, during his brothers Soccer game after school, had to sit in the car and write 200 sentences about his day. That was phase 1 of 4 punishment phases.
We just got settled into our seats on the sidelines, Alex had his water for the game, the other school showed up to play, and I felt like the worst was behind us... when out of nowhere,
a big, blond, pissed off "woman" was making her way to my OLDER son William with her finger pointing at him... yelling at him. William is the official Ref for our games, home and away.
She was a Mom, on OUR side yelling at him that my son called her son a girl.
Our coach was saying that is not what happened and her son told a lie.
My son just stood his ground, was very polite, very adult and listened to this "Christian" woman put MY son down and tell him how stupid he is.
Here's what happened... Three girls on our team this week were captains. Her son, who shall be nameless, to protect him, made a big stink about wanting to be captain. My son said "it is supposed to be the girls turn this week, are you a girl?" The boy then called my son a "jackass". William then kicked the child out of the game. Child then cried to his Mama that William called him a girl, then she went ballistic.
I walked out onto the field, coach ended her verbal blather, and I... followed her to her car...
Yes, I did.
I said... ever so calmly...excuse me, I'm the Ref's Mama, and I would like to know what it was you were trying to prove. Your son called an official a name, and he was red carded. The next time you speak to a 13 yr old child, please make sure his parent is around.
Guess what she did...
Oh no she didn't!
Oh yes she did!
I let her say her piece, them told her my son acted more adult than she is capable of.
She is never to talk to my children again without my being present, and maybe she should be worrying about her son's vulgarities. The coach was totally in William's favor and said he did the right thing. I told him the same thing.
I then told this 'woman' that she needs to take a chill pill and realize what her son did.
She was soooo worried about the other kids teasing her son that he was a girl.
I asked my kids what he is like, and apparently many kids on the playground call him feminine and she is very touchy about it. I would be too... but Puleeeeze! I would not take it out on another child!
She left the parking lot in a huff, and she told me through her window she was taking this to the highest level at school.
I told her this
Today, during Jog-A-Thon, the kid APOLOGIZED to William.
Looks like Mama may have had a change of heart.
So yesterday was a day and a half.
Today I went to the movies with 4 lovely ladies, so see "Fools Gold", took my kids to Chili's for dinner and bought myself 5 new lanterns for my backyard.
I deserved it.
At least that's what I keep telling myself!
So like Letti's new blog title says...
Happily Ever After...If we can just get through this day!"
Happy Friday!

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