Sunday, March 2, 2008


It's windy, my skin is drier than the Sahara and my pool is full of gunk!
There, complaining over. Just thought I'd vent a tiny bit.
On the bright side... I got my hair colored yesterday by my most favorite woman on the planet... My Mama, and the boys had their "beach bum" bleach done to their hair. I love it when their hair is bleached. It just looks so cool. I forgot to bring my camera for the "bonnet" my Mama put on their heads to pull out the strands of hair to be bleached. No, not their whole head was done, just some strategically placed ones. The bonnet is put on their head so it is less invasive to their scalp, meaning the bleach never touches their skin, just the hair that is pulled out.
My gray hair seems to be growing at a record pace these days. My "bangs" have already grown out well past my eyes and I needed a professional's touch up.
I received an invitation to one of my Zia's in Pennsylvania's 50th wedding Anniversary and we are going to attend! Penn. is one of the few states my kids have never been too, and they were thrilled to have a "real" vacation again. Yeah, my spoiled rotten kids don't consider any vacation a vacation unless they travel by plane. I used to be the same exact way. Still kinda am.
Johnny had requested Jet Blue, because they have TV's in front of each seat in the headrest ahead of you, or British Airways, because they have the same thing. The boy knows what he wants. I played the "guilt" card and told him his behavior must be exemplary for the remainder of the year to earn his seat on said plane. I saw him make a mental note.
William and Alex on the other hand, were worried the trip would coincide with their respective class trips this year... Alex to Hume Lake and William to Catalina and Long beach on some boat, not to mention Alex's baseball games and Williams basketball games at his school. I stared at them in disbelief... and wondered aloud... "When did you guys get LIVES?" Where did the times that all I had to say was "We're going..." and they would scream with delight about the prospect of traveling ANYWHERE... go? Sheesh! I'm gettin old.
I feel really young though. I have been on this sort of detox thing, no dairy, minimal bread, loads of veggies and fruit, and lots of fish for about 3 weeks. I feel great. I had one little "go with the flow day" and had a small popcorn and a huge Icee at the movies. Funny thing is... I rarely get popcorn when I go to the movies. It just sounded good, and it was. I left almost 1/2 in the bag. I'm trying to get healthy and not get all up in my own case about it. Just kinda eating raw, drinking loads of water, a little wine from time to time, very little, and cooking fish 3-4 times a week.
Johnny and I love Michael Buble, and we have been dancing all over the house together for little 10 minute spurts of exercise throughout our days.
You know... I had lunch with a long time friend from high school a few weeks ago, and she looks EXACTLY like she did in high school, and as she walked away to get our food, I just made a mental note that I want people to think that about me too. She is a dietician and gorgeous and healthy, and I deserve to be like that too. Thanks Andrea... you never once said a word, but spoke volumes with your actions and your obvious love and sensitivity! What a great role model you are, to your lovely daughter and to ME too!
Okay, I'm gonna go get some whole wheat scones started for breakfast in the morning. Gonna add some flax seed meal to them for 11 extra grams of fiber, and make 4 lunches for in the morning. School tomorrow!
Have a great night!
I'm going to tape Oprah's Big Give and see what it's all about.
Ciao bellas!
Buona Notte!

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  1. Hi,

    I'm just now beginning to tolerate fish. Let me know if you have any quick recipes. Oh, I should check you're other website.


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