Thursday, March 20, 2008

UPDATE: New school, or not..., NOT!

I have decided to keep the kids where they are for another year.
This morning, I went to the school to judge the art exhibits the kids made in grades k-6.
When I met all the other Mamas in the quad, they all came rushing up to me asking why I was taking my kids out of the school, and which school did I choose and why?!?
I just stared at them blankly for second and then I knew which of my little snitches told on me.
I asked them "Are you relying on an 8 year old source for your information?"
They all nodded and laughed.
I assured them we aren't going anywhere just yet... but that I had gone to LLA, and had campus envy. They all understood, laughed and we got on with our task at hand... to judge the budding artists.
Wow! There are some really talented kids! Of course, I didn't judge 3rd or 5th grade, that would have been biased... even though I have no problem saying Alex is NOT an artist when it comes to drawing or other mediums. He is more of a performance artist, he likes being the center of attention in class and loves doing stand up. I have NO idea where he gets it. He only LOOKS like a shy kid.
Johnny saw me at school and ran up to me, grabbed my hand, told everyone I was his Mama, and I was a judge. He smothered me with kisses and then, much to my chagrin, pointed to a child that terrorizes him and yelled "That's her Mom, that's the one who needs soap in her mouth... just like you said!"
If you EVER need to know something... Johnny is the man to ask. I swear! I turned 15 different shades of red, backed away slowly, and realized that the girl's Mama was one of the ladies I was judging with. She pointed at me... asked if I was Johnny's Mama, and said.... "I am so sorry for what my little girl did..." I was floored. I, too, apologized for his retaliation, and we just talked and talked for another half hour. Raising kids is hard... trying to raise good ones is even harder.
Sheesh! It's been quite an emotional roller coaster of a week for me.
I hope your Holiday is wonderful!
Ciao Ciao!


  1. It sounds like you are at peace with your decision. Having a nice support group of parents is nice too it sounds like your kids are well liked at that school.

  2. Oh, I don't know about well liked, but everyone does know who the "Shaver 3" as they are called.

    Alex is the stand out (yikes)... the other two blend well.

  3. What a nice reaction from the mom of the little girl. It's frustrating when parents fail to recognize their child' own accountability.


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