Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm sooo confused!!!

This is how I feel today.
Yesterday, William had an away game. It was at another private school... oh boy was I coveting.
This school is very close to home, it has every concievable amenity...
immaculate grounds, lots of students, uniforms (which I love), tons of corporate sponsorships, and the tuition of a large private university (okay, THAT, isn't an amenity)
Actually, it isn't much more than we pay right now for tuition, and even though our school is growing by leaps and bounds each year, we still don't have a gym. During the game, I happened to be sitting in front of one of the board of directors of the school and I asked many, many questions (during time outs, of course.)
He was so gracious. He answered each one. Now I have a dilemma.
I called the school this morning, requested applications, and inquired about placement. YIKES!
What I thought was going to be a very difficult phone call to my hubby, turned out to be a very good phone call. He just sweetly said for me to do what I felt was best for our kids. I was floored! And now I am torn.
My kids have been attending their school now since Kindergarten. We know EVERYONE there, I get privileges that many don't, and the kids adore their school.
Johnny, upon arrival to the other school, yelled from the back seat... "Mom, I wanna go here!"
So maybe adore was a strong word. Johnny is all about comfort.
I'll just wait for the applications and see... yes? No? AAAHHH!
I already paid my registration for 2008-2009 school year yesterday at our school.
Maybe I'll look back at this entry in a few weeks and laugh.
I sure hope so.
bye for now...


  1. Is this just a case of "the grass is always greener on the other side"? Is your tuition refundable? Good luck!

  2. I would really think about it. Make a list of all the pros and cons. Sit down as a family and discuss it. Changing schools is a big deal especially for Will. Good luck.

  3. Letti, William is actually easygoing about it. He is open to some change, he says. We did just what you suggested,about writing down pros and cons, and I spoke to his principal. There were no cons to either school except money, and i promised myself that would never be a deciding factor. If we had to ear rice for 4 years, then so be it.

    Angela, I WISH we could pay all our tuition up front :)... what I paid the other day was the registration fees, for the new year, and no they aren't refundable. WE are on the month to month payment plan. We can't pay up front like everyone else... not yet anyway. Maybe someday.

    Thank you BOTH for your input. I knew I could count on you two!

  4. Your welcome Saundra. Whatever decision you make will be the right one. I wish your family the best in whatever decision you make.


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