Monday, March 3, 2008

Sick day...

I have an ear infection! What adults get ear infections!
I was supposed to go to the movies this morning... get a pedicure at 2 p.m.,
and grocery shop for the week today... and I can't move my head!
My son brought me my computer in bed so I could look up Adult Ear Infections on Google.
I just licked my lips, and I feel the onset of a fever blister forming on my already huge lips.
Okay... I saw "The Secret", I know how to apply the power of positive thinking.
"I do not have an ear infection,
my lip is not "Angelina Jolie"
I do not have an ear infection...
My lip does not look like a hot air balloon
I do not have an ear infection...
My lip does not have it's own zip code...
Okay... we'll see if that works.
Okay... I'm going to go put a warm compress on my Non ear infection, and some medicine on my totally normal lip.
I'm just glad the kids don't have this.
Thank God for small favors...
Have a great day...


  1. I hope you feel better! Mom's getting sick is the worst, because we can't take the time out like dad's and kids do.

  2. I am sorry Saundra. I hope you feel better soon. Like Angela said it's no fun when mom is sick. I think that should be a rule. Moms can never get sick.

  3. The thing is... i don't have any other symptoms! No cold, just stupid pain in my left ear. I have a dr. appt today... My Mama is gonna take me in.

    I WILL be better soon! I will! I will I will! I have too much to do this week!


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