Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beach Camping Diaries Volume 3

Rving is a funny thing.
I was relaxing in a chair after lunch today just outside our RV. 2 p.m. is check in time so there I was looking out at the ocean, when a line of Rv's start to line up to the entrance to the site. Some RV's cost more than my house 3 X's over, and some, not so much.
As I was watching... I noticed something... my sociology professor would have been proud...
I noticed the guys with the BIG "", really expensive RV's drove vveerrryyy slowly and did a LOT of looking around at each person making sure they saw him and what he was driving.
Conversely, those with the not so fabulous RV's just look straight ahead, looking for their spot number. It was like a bunch of peacocks showing off their plumes. After about 5 RV's I was able to predict what each driver would do. The women drivers showed no difference at all.
THEY showed off their "feathers" in other ways, if you catch my drift.
The womens feathers weren't a big metal box on wheels, but are more of the silicone persuasion.
The weather is warm, so the new purchases are being displayed, as soon as possible.
Might I venture to say, that while some looked like they just enhanced their beautiful forms, some "over invested" in their new purchases, and back pain is just a few years away?
What pained me, and other mom's too, because we discussed it... was the amount of teenagers with new purchases. THEY HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED GROWING YET! The mom's would help the daughters "showcase" themselves, right out in the open! I wanted to scream at them
"Give her a chance to be a young girl! Let her body grow up and mature first!!!"
Whatever... I think 16 is wwaaayyy too young... Thank God I have boys!
You know... I hate having to reach down to my knees to pick up my "girls" and if I ever wanted to go under the knife to "perk them up" that would be my decision... because I'm 40! But 16-25? Too young. Too too young.
Does anyone else agree?
Ciao, bellisima!


  1. I agree 100%. It seems like parents are just making their kids grow up way to fast. Let them be little (like the song says)they grow up too fast and will have too many responsibilities. It is scary having boys too just in the sense that girls are so different now. Not all of them but some and it's scary. It's just up to us as parents to lead them down the right path.

  2. Eeekkk!!! I've heard of nose jobs that early, which I think is way too young, but bikini enhancements? Scary! I have been teaching my boys the difference between natural and surgical by observation. They're wondering why in the world I care to let them know, but for some reason, it seems necessary. Now, I'm even more convinced!


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