Sunday, March 16, 2008

Catching Up with Longtime friends...

This week, while waiting at school for William during his Basketball practice, I decided to make a few phone calls to friends that I haven't talked to in a while.
One lives in Texas and one lives in Murrietta.
I met both in Pampered Chef. Andrea, I met at a show, she wanted to join my biz that day, and Nancy, I met at her house. She is a Director too, and we became close during a Las Vegas retreat.
I was so happy to get an e mail from Andrea the other day. She is pregnant with her second child and I was shocked and thrilled at the same time. The last time I saw her, while she graciously took Nancy and I shopping in Dallas in 2007, she was not going to ever have another child. My, My, My... how things change. ;)
A little about Andrea. She is kind of a shero of mine. She and her husband, are risk takers. No, not the bungee jumping, base jumping sort... I don't think!,
but risk takers in business and in life.
When the entire country was purchasing too big of homes, going into too much debt, just buying things to keep up with the Jones's, SHE and her hubby went the opposite direction.
They sold their HUMONGOUS, custom built home on acres of land and bought a house they could better afford, with a payment that wouldn't break a bank, and became virtually debt free.
They chose to work to live, not live to work. It was inspiring. It really helped me make my decision NOT to sell my house and buy a bigger one. It helped me see that I could make my little house lovely and functional and not owe on it until our deaths.
They put their dreams into action. So many people don't do that these days. Andrea and Eric are inspirational people, and I have missed talking with her more often.
Hopefully, this blog will help us stay in better contact.
Nancy, Nancy, Nancy... is an exceptional person. We have been roommates for 7 years at all our Conferences and Leaderships all over the country.
Quite possibly the most positive person on the planet!
I call her the Disneyland Mom, because being her daughter would be like being in Disneyland all the time. She was one of those Mama's that sewed, baked, giggled, entertained, danced, cryed, and just about did everything with her daughters.
Her 3 daughters are grown and getting out of college soon, (one set of twins, and a singleton) and do you know what Nancy told me she is going to do now? She and her hubby are going to become Foster Parents!
I know!!! WOW!!!
You should have heard the passion in her voice when she was describing the kids they met. It was awe inspiring! They will make the best Foster Parents ever. If those kids real parents ever come to claim them from her, those kids will kick and scream not to leave her. It's hard to go "Nancy Free".
I really have to get better about keeping in touch with my buddies. Living far away is not an excuse. At least not anymore...
Thanks ladies, for inspiring me yet again.
Have a show today, gonna go get ready for it.
Have a great day!

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  1. Funny, I just got off the phone with a college friend in Florida. Of course, she remains the perfect size 8 and I told her, well, I didn't! Actually, I'm not sure I was ever an 8!

    Anyway, it was fun to compare notes. We'll see her and her family when we vacation in Florida with Bob's family over the 4th of July.

    At least we get to see those old friends every three years!


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