Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Taxi... Oh Taxi!!!
That's what I felt like today. Tomorrow I'm gonna buy some yellow paint and paint my car bright yellow, and write
"Crazy Italian Mama's Taxi Service"
"Driver does not carry more than 50 cents at any given time."
"Payment would be great, but driver will take a kiss, a hug, and a "Thanks Mom" as payment"
Drove to Long Beach Aquarium for a field trip today for Johnny's third grade class. I have a car that fits 8, but I like to take just my kid when the drive is far, so we can have a "date".
We got there before everyone else, went to Starbucks, took some pictures, and hung out.
When the rest of his class arrived, we all filed into a classroom where we had a lesson on Sharks.
Then we were free to roam at our leisure.
Unfortunately, they took out the Jellyfish exhibit and only left a few jellies in other rooms, but Johnny adored the Stingrays, and would not budge until he touched every last one of the at least 5o in the tank. We went back to that twice. We bought some souveniers, and then everyone was to meet outside to eat their sack lunches. WE snuck out and had lunch at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co. across the street. Hey! We were on a date!
We left early, so we could be home in time to spiffy up the house a little before getting his brothers, then it was basketball for William, Baseball after for Alex and Tae Kwon Do for all three. We got home at 8:45 tonight.
Remember that chant in high school in gym class...
"My back is breaking... by bra's too tight, swing your hips from left to right!"
That is what was going through my head all day.
I'll post pictures of today, tomorrow, on Wordless Wed.
I'm exhausted. Thank God I have a show tomorrow night so I can laugh and have a great time! I love my job! It's a party all the time!
My Director has a sticker that says
"My job's a party... what's yours like?"
I think it's funny.
I adore the ladies attending too. They are just too funny! They give me a run for my money! I have to me on my toes tomorrow night.
Just taped Idol. I love, love, love the rocker guy.
Love Him!
He sounds like the lead singer from Nickelback, one of my favorite Rock Bands. I love a raspy, deep voice. That David Hernandez guy, you know, the one that gave dudes lap dances? He has to go. He is not good.
I'm tired. Aren't you?
I'm going to go crochet myself to sleep.
Have a wonderful evening!


  1. It sounds like you and Johnny had a fun date. Your gas bill must be a fortune. I hope today is a calmer one for you. See you at the ball park.

  2. We fill up every 3 days or so. Running back and forth from Redlands every day eats up more gas than anything else. I have become a master of making my errands into a giant loop, so i only have to leave once a day.


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