Thursday, March 20, 2008

THURSDAY 13 Things I love about the Beach!

1. The ocean spray on my face.
2. The clean smelling air.
3. The sound of the ocean.
4. Making sand castles with my kids.
5. Everything tastes better at the beach.
6. Bonfires every night.
7. Shells, lots and lots of shells
8. Seeing dolphins swim past every evening before dinner.
9. The sheer joy my kids have while surfing.
10. Lifeguards... need I say more?
11. Sunsets that blow me away.
12. Standing on the very edge of our country... the very edge, is kinda cool!
13. The calm I feel knowing how powerful the ocean is, and there is nothing I can do to control its strength. It's one thing I don't want to control.


  1. I am not a beach person but I did love it went we went camping there too. I guess I like just being able to shower everynight. Have fun this weekend.

  2. Sounds very peaceful. Have a terrific time!

  3. We shower every day, letti. They have hot, coin operated, private showers where we camp.
    Full hook ups too. I don't do real camping. The roughing it stuff. I've never done it.

    It is peaceful, Kathy, I am who I am supposed to be when I am at the ocean. It changes me.


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