Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baseball Opening Day

Today was Opening Day for our little baseball league. It was a lot of fun.
Our team had a booth as a fundraiser for our end of year team party and other necessities for the team.
My Mama came by this morning... early and dropped off a HUGE load of
homemade peanut butter cookies and biscotti.
I made Pizzeles and Gourmet Popcorn with Angela
and Angela made a load of no bake oatmeal chocolate cookies. When she first said they were "boiled cookies" I almost gagged. There were yummy, and we switched the name to "no bake". ha ha!
The popcorn was not much of a hit, but we love it, so we will take it to the drive in tonight.
We also sold donuts, and those things are a gold mine.
Nothin' but profit.
It was fun because so many of us got along and helped out.
We have a lot of really nice people on our team, and we had lots of help.
Alex won a bat bag from a drawing! It was so cool! Isac won one too!
William took a Umpire class and Johnny just ran around looking cute. (okay, I'm his Mama, I thought he was cute... so there!)
Alex collected cans and bottles from the park and collected $17 for the day!
My little business man in the making!
I am pooped.
The ear is better. Finally got some prescription drops for them.
I can't hear out of it yet, but I hope to be able to soon.
Today, a lovely little girl, maybe about 6 came to our booth to buy a donut. Her Mama was signing to her asking her if she wanted a donut. The little girl had cute little purple hearing aids on, and I told her I loved purple too, and she noticed me pulling on my ear. She asked her Mom if I was deaf too, and I said to the little girl while her Mama signed to her "No, I am getting over a bad ear infection and my ear hurts, and I can't hear out of it unless I pull on it." She asked her Mama if she could please tell me where to get some cool purple hearing aids for me.
I laughed and she started pulling on her ears. I wanted to cry. I really wanted that pulling to work for her ears. Here I am complaining about my stupid ear infection,
and that baby can't hear at all, ever.
Kinda put things into perspective for me.
She was a sweetie. I hope she can hear someday.
Medical breakthroughs happen all the time now. And if she can't, I hope she continues to wish well on others, even though her circumstances pose challenges. If she keeps that attitude up, there is nothing she can't do!
How adorable was she to want me to have some purple coolness too!
Yeah, this little town a good place to live. Good people, good weather, good Mama and Daddies.
Have a great rest of the weekend!
Ciao! Ciao!


  1. That was the most delicious popcorn!!! I could have done a number on your entire bag. Yummy, thank you!

  2. It looks like your team did well. I was just dissappointed that there was not more teams selling stuff. Thanks for the popcorn it was delish.


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