Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beach Camping Diaries Volume 1

I kept a diary of sorts during our little trip to the beach last week. Now that I have finished washing all the linens from the motorhome, I can post... enjoy!
Evening 1
Wouldn't you know it... we get to our site, eat dinner, (I made a Taco Dip and we bought crab salad) and who moves their gorgeous, 40 foot mansion on wheels right next door to us, but a gorgeous family, chock full of gorgeous, teenaged 14-16 yr old SON STEALERS! (that's my name for girls)
I'm beginning to think that not only does God had a fabulous sense of humor... but he just might be the teensiest, tiniest bit sadistic when it comes to me and my Mamadom. (To my God fearing readers... that was not meant blasphemously, only in jest... God knows my sense of humor... after all...He gave it to me!)
The weather is warm, sweet, and condusive to skimpy clothing, perfect eye candy for my sons. I'm thinking of getting them all braces with headgear that must be worn only during the day, feeding them nothing but lunchables and sundaes, and buying their clothes from Geeks R Us.
Sound like a plan???
Here I was... thinking that during our Spring Break Vacation, I could have some great bonding time with my men, and just as Will and I get into a great conversation about whatever, one of those gorgeous, two legged, bronze skinned, bikini clad, son stealers walks by, and he can't remember the next word in his sentence. It's cute... to an extent... but people! I'm not READY for this! I am NOT mentally prepared! William just got here, a mere 14 years ago!
I need/want/must have/ MORE TIME!
I was just chatting with Kathy C the other day at our game, "it was just yesterday when I was holding him with one arm, cradling his head, cooing at him to make him smile, and now he's this 5'8", 160 lb, hairy, MANCHILD!"
I blinked, and here is this handsome Manboy, and all I want to do is cradle him, stroke his cheek and give him sippy cup!
And then there is Johnny. He is seriously girl crazy. At any given time, if you ask him how many girlfriends he has, he will give you a number between 30-40. The BEST part is that I am in the number 1 spot! SEE! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT! That's a boy with his priorities straight!
Oy Vay... I have an entire week if this!
Oh yeah! That evening, and entire swarm of son stealers moved in to nearby spots and asked if my sons wanted to play beach baseball. I've never seen Will move so fast in my entire life. He was up and out in 2 seconds flat.
But hey! They were fully clothed, and not once did one of them mention that some random baby was theirs! PROGRESS!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I am not sure about those days They just seem to innocent still.

  2. Okay, I'm reading one day at a time so I can comment frequently (sounds like a good excuse, right?).

    Sounds like the Man Stealers were polite. We'll see when I read further.


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