Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beach Camping Diaries Volume 2

Day Two
86 degrees in March! I LOVE CALIFORNIA!
We woke up whenever we darned well pleased, ate a leisurely breakfast and headed out to the water. Catalina looks so close you can touch it.
Since it's Easter, I've planned a dinner of Shrimp Cocktail, Alaskan Salmon, steamed potatoes, and my famous Goat Cheese Appetizer on fresh Baguettes. YUM!
Bill didn't tell me until we were already here that his Mom was coming to camp for a night at the campsite. I just don't understand men, and the gene they lost to fully disclose happenings in their lives. I would have loved that information ahead of time... you know?
There is a sweet little girl next to us that is in a wheelchair, and when they take her out of it, she scoots all over the sand and has a blast in the sun.
Last night, during the baseball game on the sand, I saw the kids taking turns carrying her all around the bases. My heart bleeds for her... such a lovely little spirit, unable to use her legs... but such a lucky girl to have all those handsome men carrying her everywhere she wanted to go!
Her family is so sweet, and they stayed as long as we did, so the kids played together alot.
Maxine (Bill's Mama) and Hank (not Bill's Mama), came around 2 p.m. ish. We had a nice dinner then retired to their gorgeous new RV just down the way.
I had a terrible case of swollen feet, and Max gave me a stool to put my feet up on, in her spacious, house like RV! We played Cranium and had fun. Now I need an RV with popouts.
Max is the one that literally gave us our RV for a steal, so I'm not complaining... but once you go popout, it's hard to go back...
I will not covet... I will not covet... I will not covet...
Hey! I'm Italian! Coveting is in the genes!!!

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  1. Your dinner sounds good. Just think your boys don'y care what kind of motorhome you have its the things you do with and the places you go that they will remember.


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