Thursday, February 21, 2008


Just 13 of many favorite memories
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Cracking olives with my Papa when I was little. We would cure them ourselves. Going on Picnics all the time with our friends, the Saccos Auditioning for Dance programs all over California. Babysitting jobs I had with really tiny babies. I never put the babies down. I held them until the parents pulled into the driveway. Helping my Papa build our third house. It was thrilling seeing the inside of your home built by the man you love. The day I met Bill. I was absolutely sure he was "it" for me from that night on. The day after our wedding day. We had such fun preparing for our Jamaican honeymoon. We took off at midnight and he hired a limo for us to be taken to LAX. We didn't live together beforehand, so it was exciting getting ready in "our" house. May 10, July 27 and June 4, the days my babies were born. Making my Mama’s second husband miserable everytime we saw him. He was a terrible man. It was fun letting him know he wasn’t gonna win. Don’t ever mess with my mama. Feb. 7 1998 the day of their divorce. July 2005, doing a Kitchen Show Live at National Conference in Chicago. It was sooo much fun! The day I put on a new pink Easter dress, I was 7 I think, I went out to the garden where my father was pulling weeds and I walked out there in my dress, and he was such a babe, he stood up, wiped his brow, leaned on his rake, and whistled at me and said… "Youa looka very prettya”. I was over the moon. My Papa wasn't very demonstrative, so that was the living end to me. The very first time I was proposed to by my little boys.


  1. So sweet Saundra. It sounds like you have a great relationship with your Dad.

  2. You know, I did when I was young, I became a teen and thought I knew it all, we didn't click so much then, but as an adult, he is so very important to me.

    He has only told me he loves me one time... but I have never wondered or doubted it. He shows... he just doesn't talk about it. He's really cool.


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