Saturday, February 2, 2008


Had a tough week emotionally. Could be PMS, could not. Either way... I'm tired and crying over everything this week.
I am choosing to end the week on a positive note. So here are a few things that make me smile.
1. Babies. I love them... especially newborns. Babies are such a great way to start people.
I don't know anyone with a newborn right now. If I could hold a newborn every day, life would be grand.
2. Surprises... I adore them. I love the not knowing part, and all the puzzle pieces getting put together after.
3. Being in my house when everyone else is asleep. It's a little slice of heaven when everyone you love most in the world is snug in their beds, and you can just be.
4. Cherries, fresh or frozen or dried. I love them.
5. Public speaking, performing, being "on". Give me a microphone and I am in heaven.
6. Crocheting. It relaxes me unlike anything else. I can even do it without looking.
7. Writing... duh...I would love to have assignments for like magazines or newspapers and such.
8. Driving alone. I love it. It soothes me. Life seem limitless behind the wheel.
9. Listening to the kids tell me about the kids at school or their day. It is so cute to see something so important to them. Oh, to have those problems again.
10. Sunglasses. I have to wear them to see, mine are prescription... but I love that I don't have to wear makeup when I am wearing them.
11. Shopping for decor for my house. I am a quick shopper too. When I see something I like.. I don't hesitate.
12. Buying my Mama presents. She is truly thrilled every time I give her something, so I do it often. My rule of thumb is, I just buy 2 of almost everything, and give her one.
13. Laughing. I mean belly busting laughing. I wish it happened more often... I hear you burn 3 calories a second laughing. I'd better start laughing every second of every day! Quick tell me a joke!!!
14. Listening to my music all day. I love my Ipod blaster.
15.Green Tea. I drink it every single day. Oh! and Chamomile tea too!
Okay, tell me your favorite things... I tag Kathy C, Charmed, Angela, Michele, Andi, and Holly!
You're it!!!
Ciao, Ciao! for now!


  1. I will email you my favorite things, I don't have a blog.

  2. Hey,

    Ahhhh, my Friday night reading.

    Okay here we go on a few of my favorite things:

    Reading - I'm hooked on Nora Roberts!

    Watching the boys play their sports - any and all of them (the kids and the sports!)

    Getting away twice a year with my husband - just the two of us

    Cooking - While it's a big stessor during the week, I relly enjoy my big Sunday night dinners

    Rock-n-roll!! I also really like Reggae in the summer. Something about those steel drums.

    Anything RED.

    That's all for now.


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