Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dog Day Afternoon

Whew! What a fun, eventful weekend!
We had a very successful soccer game on Saturday for Johnny, he won 5-1!
He made two of the goals himself... so he was beaming!
Then it was off to the Varsity game for ACA at Webb in Claremont.
It was scoreless until the 5th quarter in overtime, and WE WON!
Will dressed in his jersey and supported his team on the sidelines.
It was fun!
AND! as an added bonus, someone recognized me from my other boy's school and we got to talking and she booked a kitchen show! and I never even mentioned I did PC... she asked me if I was the one she sees in carpool all the time with PC on the back of my car! Such fun!
I just love new clients!
Immediately after the game we drove over to Mari's for her 4oth Birthday Bash.
We had a blast!
I was the DJ for the evening... with my little Ipod blaster.
Jack is getting better everyday... but now our dog problem is with Daisy.
This morning, when we woke up and went to feed the dogs, we noticed blood all over the patio floor. We checked the dogs, and Daisy's right leg, her neck and her chest all had gashes in them. Something got to her in the middle of the night.
She was barking incessantly at 6 a.m. and we just shushed her... we were tired from the party the night before, and they bark at every animal, or stranger that comes within 50 feet of our property, so we thought nothing of it, we just wanted her quiet so she wouldn't wake the neighbors.
We felt really badly when we saw the blood.
Bill is awesome with dogs, and he fixed her up, but she is in a lot of pain.
This is the second time I have cried for my dumb dogs this week!
I washed her dog bed, changed her dressing Bill gave her and made her a nice dinner.
She just whimpered. Poor little thing.
Oy! I can't take any more sick or hurt dogs!
Bill thinks a Possum got to her. Or a raccoon. I was thinking coyote, but he said she wouldn't be here at all if a coyote got to her, and neither would Jack.
So tomorrow, she is taking a trip to the vet.
Tomorrow night is also Market Night again!
So, that's where I'll be!
Come see me!
I'm going to go watch a new show called Fringe that I taped.
My hubby is waiting on the couch for me!

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