Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, he's fine! Took Jack to the Vet, got an Xray of his leg and hip, got a cortisone shot, and waited for the results all day.
Dr. Wilds called to tell us what we already knew.
Jack THINKS he's a Doberman.
He's what he calls a "fence runner". And he certainly is.
Jack runs our fence every time a meter reader comes by, and barks and tries to bite any intruder he doesn't recognize. Jack's body isn't made to do that.
Jack's body is made to prance, sit, look adorable and skamper.
But nnnoooo! He lives with us!
Mama is a pitbull, so Jack thinks he has to be too!
We are so relieved he isn't cancerous or arthritic.
He MAY need surgery if the Cortisone shot doesn't help him in the next week.
He is still dragging his entire back of his body. It is so pitiful to watch. Really gut wrenchingly sad. He is so dang adorable!
Daisy was very happy to have her hubby back. She licked his head for a really long time.
It was really sweet.
She is much nicer to Jack than I am to Bill. I should take lessons from my dogs. Ha ha!
William is so happy now. We all are.
We bought some special treats for Jack and Daisy for their ordeal.
New leashes, new cushions, new shampoo... you know... the good stuff.
Dog dilemma over...


  1. I am so glad to hear that he is fine.

  2. I am so gald to hear the good new about Jack. I'm glad everything is alright.

  3. Thank you all... my dog loving friends.

    I didn't realize how much I loved them until this incident.

    Maybe that's why it happened.


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