Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Neighbor Nuisances

What. A. Day.
It's not even over and I am ready for bed.
I will try to tell it all without too much confusion...
but suffice it to say that the "lady" down the street came to my house and threatened me today and threatened my children.
Remember last month when I wrote about the kid that was arrested for being drunk and running up and down the street, and I called the cops?
Well, that wonderful family gave my phone number to the arresting officer as the contact number for the juvenile deliquent.
His Parole Officer called my house today, looking for the Mom.
I gave the PO the grandfather's number, and told the PO to tell the grandfather to tell the Delinquent's Mom not to use my number for anything again.
An hour or so later... she was at my door, pounding in it, ringing my doorbell like crazy.
I saw who it was... took my time and answered the door.
I counted about 30 F bombs in her fantastic speech.
She assumed that I have been the one calling the cops the last 5 times they were there.
I wish I had been the one... but I wasn't. Oh how I WISH it was me.
The last time I called was the big incident in the middle of the night.
So she came over and told me she was gonna get us.
I called the cops, and the cop made me out to be the bad guy. He said he may have to arrest me based on her story if she decided to say that I was the one that threatened her... I was flabbergasted. She came, she threatened, she turned around and left.
I didn't get to speak a word.
I am going in for the restraining order tomorrow.
They are the drug dealers, they are the ones that steal cable, and their neighbors electricity, they are the ones that defecate on their neighbors yards, and dump their trash in the park across the street, and play their music in their cars until our ears bleed, and their kids are the ones with suspended licenses for drunk driving, and 14 yr olds drinking underage.... and I AM THE BAD GUY!?!?
Apparently it is a crime to watch out for our neighbors and try to protect a neighborhood from trash and drugs.
I am just trying to do what is right. Some people in the world are proactive and take an active part in trying to protect what is left of common decency. Others are old and scared and need to be taken care of, and still others claim they hear no evil, see no evil, so there must be no evil.
Whatever... what me and my two neighbors do now, will eventually help future neighbors and all our neighbors kids.
I feel like the cop wanted me to just sit idly by and let her come to my property, and threaten me and my family and just poo poo it away.
No... not gonna do it. I wasn't raised to just pretend nothing happens.
I wasn't raised to "always be nice, and don't cause waves" or to "protect your own, let everyone else fend for themselves". I HATE THAT MENTALITY!
We are all in the world together, and sometimes you have to speak up!
So the officer that made me feel like a felon, just left her house a few minutes ago.
He tried talking to her right after he showed up to get my side... but SHOCKER! She didn't come to the door, for her father in law or the officer!
But she answered the door just now, and she is flailing her arms around and yelling at the cop.
I'm sure I am the one that did all the threatening!
I never got a word in at all!
She yelled, and walked off. I almost laughed at her, but refrained. I went directly to the phone and called the cops, and then called her father in law and let him know what she did.
He just said stuff like
"Oh, I am so sorry that happened." "Oh, she isn't well in the head".
"Oh.. she did?"
He was useless.
He walked over to her (his) house and tried to talk to her, and she played gone.
I feel like there is no help here in our fair city.
If you are drug addict... WELCOME!
If you are good citizen? Hmmm. you look suspicious!
Don't call too much or you will look like the bad guy!
God forbid we get trash out of our little city... but no, I don't think so!
I asked the Grandfather why he doesn't just evict the idiots, and his answer was...
"Well, I would, but then I would have to take care of the kids, and I don't want to do that"
Juuuust perfect.
So now we have to live with the filth because Grandpa doesn't want to take responsibility.
Oh! The future looks so bright for our kids!


  1. Holy Hell! That sounds awful! I would so make sure you get that restraining order. Lovely!! Its too bad that's what happens when you do the right thing! I hope things settle down for you!

  2. I am so sorry Saundra. I saw you talking to the cop and I figured it was probably about that. I think its so sad that those children are exposed to those things. I really hope that this is the end of it for you. Good luck.

  3. What!! Are you kidding! How pathetic!!

    Oh btw, what happened on Oprah that made you remove all the pix?

  4. Letti, hope that it's the end for all of us on this street. I am not the only one affected or going to be affected by them. They are a cancer that spreads. They did this to Nick & Cindy, Judy and Tim and Jeri and Victor. Now it's my turn I suppose. What they do affects all of us, whether we choose to see it or not.

    Andi... Oh, such terrible, awful things about predators and what they can do to pictures. I will post some sometimes... but not leave them on my blog.

    Thanks CrazyMama! Me too. I'm not afraid... just pissed!

  5. Saundra, you have the PO's name right? I hope you ask if his statements were indeed accurate. I'm sure you're right that he was trying to get you to back off, but paaahhhhlllleeeezzz!!!!!

    It's lonely in rightville and all of your neighbors should thank you!

  6. kathy, three of us are working so hard to rid our neighborhood of this filth!

    Thank you!


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