Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm back from Vegas!

What fun!
We are back!
No, no pictures... I totally forgot to bring my camera.
So all I have are my memories.
We shopped, ate, gossiped, shopped some more, giggled, laughed, just had a wonderful time!
My Mama even had fun!
She was the life of the party!
She took such good care of us!
We met lots of new people, talked to everyone, and fed strangers!
Yes, we fed strangers.
My Mama's Cinnamon cake was the hit of Polo Towers.
My best friend Mari is 40 now, and some guy at the mall just up and kissed her right in the middle of the mall! OUT OF THE BLUE! Then he swing danced with her!
Completely random!
No, I did not plant him there!
I wish I had... he was very cute! but unfortunately, also very drunk.
She did look kinda fabulous that night.
I hadn't driven to Vegas in about 6 years, and it was nice, just being with my Mama on the ride.
We got to bond and talk girl talk and just be.
I forget how much I like my Mama.
I got on her last nerve last night, when I refused to stop talking in a New York Bronx accent, and an old Jewish Mutha accent.
I finally got a giggle out of her, and then I stopped.
She had a blast last night. At dinner, she played one $2 round of Keno and hit 5 out of 6 numbers and won $170 bucks!
Today, we deposited that money at the store Sur La Table!
It was her first time there, and she christened it well.
I came home with 4 huge bags of kitchen goodies.
Yeah, I know... I sell the stuff... but not the stuff I bought!
I can't wait to use it all!
I'll take a picture of all my stuff!
I broke my baby toe this morning, on our way out of our suite. I went to open the door for the bell boy, and hit the couch foot and snap! out went my baby toe.
It hurt so badly I think I cussed in 3 different languages.
This morning the boys had soccer games and they both won, and Will's won his football game on Thursday, and they won on Friday too!
It was a winning weekend all the way around!
Tonight, I heard William on the phone talking to...gulp... GIRLS!
So now the phrase I yell all over the house at random is...
"William... who's your number one girl?" to which he is required to reply..."You!".
Oy vay.
My heart just broke again.


  1. Ohh, you're poor toe! It's so difficult not to have all of your toes working to distribute your weight. How long does it take to heal?

    Girls, hhhmmm, at least you know about it. I get nothing!!!!!

  2. Ouch!!!! That's gotta be awful painful! :(
    But it sounds like you had so much fun!! Yay!

  3. It hurt like a Mutha!

    Still does! We did have a blast!

    I can't wait to go back!

    Kathy... 6 weeks

    and girls... Ugh! yikes!


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