Monday, September 15, 2008

Manic Monday

Well, right now I am supposed to be at our local Market Night.
Needless to say... if I am typing this... I am not there.
Alex blew chunks in class today, and Daisy is not acting right, so I have 2 sick patients today and I just couldn't leave.
I was all ready to go too.
I sure hope they don't drop me from the roster. Today couldn't be helped.
I asked Alex if he was embarrassed he heaved in the classroom, and in true blue boy form he said "Heck no! They're lucky I got to the trash can in time, I was ready to blow!"
When I asked why they didn't call me he said it was only 2o minutes before carpool and also I'm always saying they can't miss school unless I see them cough up a lung, and he didn't see a lung... so he didn't ask them to call!!
LOL! That kid! It's so true!
I'm not the "Mama, I don't feel well enough to go to school today" pushover.
Show me the lung! Hee hee!
Worst. Mama. Ever.
He is feeling better now. He is helping Daisy push fluids.
She isn't eating, so she needs to stay hydrated.
I'm also not a dog-in-the-house girl, but today, she has been in with me all day.
She hasn't moved.
Poor little girl.
Have any of your seen the Oprah on today?
I am not one of her biggest fans, but as I was looking through the mish mash of all the things taped on my DVR, the internet predator one caught my eye.
I "watched" it while cooking dinner tonight and I was completely astounded at what I heard and saw. Watch it. Not with kids in the room.
It's heart breaking but very important.
My kids have NEVER been able to spend the night at ANYONE'S house, ever (except grandparents) and now my resolve is more so.
Oh. My. God.
I am probably going to remove all pictures of my kids from my blog, and only show feet and hands and the backs of them.
I have already made a rule for myself to be responsible and never post a picture of someone else with out their permission, especially children, but now, I won't be posting anyone else, I don't think.
Watch it and tell me what you think.


  1. I am so with you there. My daughter is 11 and has only stayed the night with family. She thinks we are ridiculously strict... but you just can't trust anyone!
    A couple of weeks ago - on my first "mom blog" I discovered that someone came to my blog using the search terms "boys in diapers"!! I was so creeped out that I almost deleted my blog. I will not be posting any pictures on my new anonymous blog, and I will be very careful about what pictures I post on any of my other blogs!!! Its so scary!!

  2. I didn't watch the show, but have carried a concern about the pics on your website. Glad you're going to be cautious. It's challenging to help our boys turn into men, while protecting them at the same time.

    Is Alex better?

  3. Kathy, Alex is fine now. It was a mixture of his lunch and a friends candy that did it.

    About the pictures... SSSSOOOO many millions of people post their kids pics online, even my pastor and celebrities and such... but now... I think I'll just not do it.
    I was always careful of not posting pics of other people, and when I did, it was with their permission only.

    Thanks for the concern... I wish you have said something!

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  5. I am sick right now. I have always been concerned about posting pictures of my boys. Dang. It's the whole reason I started blogging. As a way to journal and organize my pictures, then print a blog book each year. What should I do. Go private? The pictures are my fav. part. I think I might go blow chunks now!!

  6. You know what Adrian... me too. I wanted a journal with my pictures.

    I was told by many other people that it is okay to post pictures, that millions do it everyday... then I saw what they can do to manipulate a picture and put this head on that body... and I got spooked.

    I don't think badly about anyone else posting pictures... it is just my personal preference right now.

    I think I may go private with the pictures, to only the ones I invite.


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