Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whatcha doin' Wednesday

mmmmm..... Just got back from my Pedicure, eyebrow mow and fill.
I fell asleep during my pedi. So embarassing, but oh so refreshing.
Then I hit this little hole-in-the-wall cheapo store next door to our Staters, and bought up all their Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf tea they had. That stuff is normally $10 and I got each tin for 99 cents! I think I bought 50 tins, but, now I won't need to buy tea for at least 6 months! Since I drink Iced tea every single day... it was worth it.
My Iced Tea Pot was recently ruined by one of my kids, and I decided not to replace it. I just make the tea by hand in a huge Quick Stir Pitcher and it takes up so much less time, and ice!
My favorite tea right now is the Apricot. It is to die for...really good!
I am having a hard time getting back in to the "homework hell" that is back to school.
Will's schedule is so long and tiring, he is up until midnight doing homework. He goes to school at 7:45 and isn't home until 7:30, then it's dinner, shower, wash his uniform and pads, and hit the books. That kid has absolutely no down time at all.
Kathy, is your son dealing with the same thing?
The only good thing is that he has no time to get into trouble, ask to go to parties, or even slack off. I try to help him as much as I can, as far as getting his uniform and stuff done, but he has to do his homework himself.
(Don't even get me started on Mama's that actually do their kids homework for them! I want to ring their necks!) Yes, it happens an awful lot, too much. You have no idea how many closet
"helper Mama's" that do all their kids term papers, and written homework.
They have no idea how detrimental that will be to their kids down the line. They are clueless.
As long is little Billy gets an "A"!
Bill is supposed to come home today. I'm surprised he isn't home yet.
The week went by really fast.
I leave for Vegas in a couple of weeks for my best friends 40th birthday in my suite!, yahooo!
My Mama is coming too!
It'll be nice to spend some one on one time with her.
Oh... Bill's home... I just heard the garage door go up!
See ya!


  1. Are you kidding I can't even help Chase with his homework let alone do it for AT Colton High all the football players have 6th period football and the coaches have the players do their homework during that time. They also provide tutors to help if they need it. I know they did this last year so I am assuming that they still do it. When I heard about it I thought it was a great idea.

  2. We need to start a network of parents that can help with different subjects. English is not my favorite subject, but I can help out with most math.

    I feel so bad for William. There is nothing a parent can do but encourage them.

  3. Letti, that would be great of our school did that... but he has 7th period sports already, and they spend that time in practice.

    Angela, I get hives just looking at William's geometry book.

    This school is all college prep, and their courses all transfer to universities, so I have forgotten a lot and so much has been added that since I went to college, it's like I only went to high school again.

  4. Hi,

    Well the 6th period thing is only for varsity, not our poor freshmen. My son was so close to tears the first day, Tuesday. And, utterly exhausted. Thankfully, he's only had an hour of homework each night. I'm not caring for the bumps and bruises, but he doesn't have a problem with it at all.

    I'm adamant about them doing their own homework. My 7th grader has always needed extra help, but so far has told me he can do it himself and doesn't need me to double-check him. Hum, I'll check Webgrader as soon as I get access just to be sure!

    Angela, great idea! Math is my favorite too.

  5. Oh kathy, I don't like the bruises or pains either. They just shrug them off, while we suffer for them in our Mama hearts.

    I hope the homework lets up a bit soon. I don't know how much more he can take, or me!


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