Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Our hearts are breaking.
Jack, our one eyed dog... isn't walking.
We noticed him literally dragging himself by his front paws.
We are taking him to the Vet tomorrow.
He doesn't seem to be in pain.
When we walk up to him, he wags his little tail, tries to lick you, and smiles.
I had to break the news to the boys that we may have to put him down if they can't fix him.
He is truly the sweetest dog I have ever met.
We adopted him with one eye, his previous owner's Pitbull ate his other eye, so he has been through a lot.
Jack came into our family as a "husband" and companion for our girl dog, Daisy.
They actually love each other.
When one of them is at the vet or not feeling well, the other stands vigil.
Once, I had to take Daisy to the vet for her shots and grooming, and Jack stood at the slider, looking into the house, like a stone, did not move, flinch or anything until she came home.
When we bathe her, he paces back and forth breathing in forcefully until we are done.
Then his breathing goes back to normal. When it's his turn for a bath, she just sits patiently by the bucket, licking his face.
If it were a cartoon, you would see little hearts floating up into the air.
William, my big boy, came home, scooped him up, and broke down crying. Jack is his dog.
My heart broke into pieces.
Jack just licked his face, like he was saying it was okay.
I hope we don't have to say goodbye to such a sweet dog.
We'll never be able to find another one like him.


  1. Oh, I hope he's OK. It's so hard...

    Dee Dee

  2. I got teary reading this. He is such a good dog, I hope he gets better. Isac and Jake are sad that something might happen to Jack.

  3. Oh you guys... I can't look at him. he is such a brave little guy. STill happy, still wagging.

    Angela, since you have been my main dog watcher, I knew you knew what he is like.

    I am just sick over it. I never thought I would cry over a little dog.


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