Friday, September 12, 2008

I never said I was a photographer...

Last weeks scrimmage. That's him in the middle. Okay. i forgot to turn on the flash. My new camera does it automatically. Maybe I should have forgotten this old camera about 4 years ago?
Yeah... I suck at the aperature thing, Sue me. That's my baby somewhere in there! Tonight is an actual real game. We are playing an all boys Boarding School in Claremont. Yeah, I know... but we have to play schools with the same number of students. The cool thing is, all the boys get lots of playing time, offense AND defense, and there aren't many benchwarmers. Let's hope we pulverize 'em. I am so excited! William just has to ace a vocabulary test, and then we are in football mode! Academics before Athletics... Wish us luck!

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  1. You can't be that bad, I don't even know what "aperature" means!


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