Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day 2008

Happy last day of the summer before school's back in!
My absolute favorite Holiday!
Right this second... I am listening to my least favorite album... maybe you've heard it?
It's called
"Mom, my brother is hitting/touching/looking at/breathing/walking/talking/existing
I just HATE that song!
It's been playing over, and over, and over, and over at our house all summer, and I just can't wait to get rid of it!
Well, 5 seconds after the song plays, the "Sweet laughter of kids playing and having a good time" song gets played too, but not as often as the former song.
I think I would rather listen to sewage seep than listen to that awful song.
But now... my house will be devoid of that song for a heavenly 7 hours a day.
Ah sweet bliss, thy name is school.
My Mom and I have started our own catering company. All the licenses and such are under way. We just got a gig with Fohi to do the boys Football team away games every Friday night!
So exciting!
I have a few other irons in the fire too, so wish us luck!
No, I'm not leaving PC. I could never do that, and I'm pretty busy with it too, but it has become so second nature to me, I needed a little more of a challenge. Something else I can, pardon the pun, sink my teeth into.
Bill has been gone for the past 5 days. We've gotten a lot done. We organized and purged our huge armoire out in the back patio, cleaned the garage, did all the laundry in the house, including all the drapes, bedspreads, rugs, linens, bed pillows etc..., purged the kitchen... again... I just got my shipment of brand new PC tools, and needed to make room...
Tomorrow I will tackle the hall towel closet.
Then I will be ready for fall.
Hey, did I tell you!
I know... I can't believe it!
I still have to pinch myself!
Life is good! Very, very good!
How early do you think is too early to drop the kidlets off at school?
4 a.m. too early?
How about if I drop them off with a breakfast burrito and a pillow at 4 am?
Do I ACTUALLY have to stop the car?
Or can I safely just cruise on in at 10 MPH and yell JUMP!
I know... I know... Worst. Mama. EVER!
I've heard it all before.
Who are we if we don't have our senses of humor!?!
It's the MOST wonderful time.... of the year....


  1. Your posts always put a smile on my face. Thanks for that. You inspire me as well. My boy isn't eating at school yet, but we are being more adventerous at home with our food and i'ts been so fun. My boys always try everything once...and my oldest almost always says..."Hmmm, not bad. Not bad at all" and then continues to eat the thing he was sure he hated. Love this. are so damn organized!!! Would you stop it already. Now I'm thinking about which closets I should organize and which linens need washing!!!

  2. Almost forgot...I will post a tutorial on how to manipulate your pictures in photoshop. I hope to post it before I leave town this weekend for a family reunion. So, be patient. It is really fun and I think fairly easy. I am just a beginner though, so I dont know much. But I will post a few links I look to for help.

  3. Oh Adrian...I only do this once a year, when my hubby is out "hunting" with his Dad in Az.

    It's the only time I get uninteruppted time to throw his junk out, he is SUCH a pack rat.

    What he doesn't see, he won't miss.
    I'm talking coffee cans, worn clothes, holey shirts etc...

    I need to buy Photoshop huh? Okay, I want to see that tutorial. I love that you write on your pictures!

    ps. Thanks for understanding that I am only joking on my blog about my men. You have no idea the mail I get about how mean I am.

  4. You are organized! It almost motivates me (smile!).

    Congrats on your new venture. How exciting!

  5. I am not for sure on this...but I THINK you can download adobe photoshop 6.0 off the internet for free. It is what I use and I think its an older version, thus free.


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