Sunday, August 31, 2008

School Shopping

Yesterday... ahhh, yesterday.
Remember waaaay back when, earlier in the year when I posted that I RARELY, if ever, shop on weekends?
Well, I lied.
I shopped yesterday.
And the Nightmare begins.
We went school shopping... again.
I'm finally done.
Old Navy was having a sale on Polo shirts,
and tomorrow is the $5 screen print Tee sale.
Then it was off to buy shoes.
Holy Cow.
My kids have HUGE feet. HUGE! GIANT!
I wouldn't call them shoes as much as I would call them CANOES!
I asked the sales associate of they sold oars with them!
My, My, My!
So now William has enough clothes to not have to repeat for a year. NO! Just kidding!
He and Bill wear the same size shirt now, so I overspent because I thought Bill would/could enjoy some of the new clothes too. We'll see.
I don't know how well Bill will like having a giant Hollister logo across his chest.
They are awesome!
The Good Lord spared Bill having girls, because if I have this much fun buying for my boys, imagine how expensive it would be if I have girls!
I am a true bargain shopper too. I love sales. Love 'em! Never saw a clearance rack I didn't like. I hate paying full retail for anything. And I'm not ashamed. I just get lots more for my money.
So it was fun, exhausting, and eye opening again.
Some of the things out there for boys are pretty girl-like these days!
Orange and purple stripes?
Green and pink?
I'm old school.
Boys should look like boys...not wannabe "controversial"!
So... bring on school! We're ready!
At least I am!
I've been ready since June.
Nope, no hormones this week!
Come on Tuesday!

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