Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm Hard Core Man!

So sad... Monday morning's escapade down the street was actually worse that I thought.
My neighbors and I have been on the phone quite a bit today trying to come up
with a plan to head the Clueless Wonders off at the pass.
I called the 911 dispatch back today to get the exact details of the arrest last night, and it was actually the 15 year old son of the Mom that was arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. He was sooo ridiculously beligerent during the altercation with his parents and guests.
I believe he needs psychiatric help. He is a disaster.
How bad does 15 have to be to do something and act like he did?
Apparently his older brother is walking around on a cane due to an altercation with his grandfather last week over his little brother wearing a shirt of his. The Grandpa came over to try and smooth things over... and...a little too late, I think, try to instill some respect for his parents in the older brother.
The older brother acually hit his grandpa, and during the altercation, the boys foot was broken.
Can you imagine that explanation when asked how he broke his foot or why he is using a cane at 18 yrs old?
"Hey man... 'sup... why the cane, man?"
"Oh, well... you know... got in a fight, man... you know... I'm hard core man..."
"Wow... that's messed up man...who'd you fight? It must have been someone you hated man... your FOOT is broken! I hope it was a good reason... that's messed up!"
"Yeah, my Grandpa went down man... HARD! And my bro, man... he won't be wearin my clothes anymore...remember, man...I'm hard core..."
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I swear... they are so clueless.
My neighbors have noticed them and their guests doing some very, very strange and totally disgusting things in their front yard. I won't elaborate here... it's too gross, but we will stop it soon.
The law is on our side... they are renters. The Grandpa owns the house.
It is bad.
We have complete and total idiots among us on this street.
Total infants.
So... on a lighter note... THE OLYMPICS ARE GREAT! How about that Michael Phelps?
I read an interview today about Mark Spitz, the one Phelps is trying to surpass in Medals from, I believe, the '72 games, or something back then. Mark is quite an egomaniac!
I hope Phelps wipes the floor with him in Medal count!
I'm off to bed now...
Hmmmm... I wonder what kind of Soap Opera the corner people will put on tonight!
Perhaps streaking? Oh! Maybe someone will be wearing the wrong shade of lipstick and the boys will beat everyone up in the house, and graffiti with the lipstick!
Such infants.
I woudn't put anything past them.
Good Night... Be thankful you don't live on my street.


  1. I caught the men's gymnastics last night. I was in awe, the Chinese men did a handstand with their arms out to the sides! Talk about upper body strength.

  2. Wow Saundra I had no idea about all of this. I think that it is such a sad situation. Those kids could have been something if only their parents could have raised them differently. It is very sad.

  3. The men's swimming has been amazing.



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