Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soccer Saturday

My big boy is home!
And I guessed it right... about 2 1/2 minutes later...I asked if I could return him to the
gym. Nah... just kidding.
He starts school next week, so I took the opportunity of having him happy and with me in the car to take him on a little shopping excursion for school.
OMG... I can't believe some of the boys "fashion" out there now.
The colors were... so...bright and shiny... not at all deemed appropriate attire by my manly men.
I mean... Pink and yellow and mint green shoes? FOR BOYS?
Are they kidding!
We got a huge laugh over some of the things out there in the mens departments these days.
As a joke, I filled my arms with tons of "gay" (for lack of a better term) clothes for them to
try on. We giggled and guffawed like teenagers.
We found some really awesome shirts for Will... he's in Men's XL now. So now he and Bill can share clothes... Awwww... How cute!
All of his school books have been arriving everyday from the various websites I bought them from. I am very proud of myself. The books SHOULD have cost $800 for all of them, and I got them all for $250 total!
Let's here it for!
This morning, bright and early, Will had Football practice at 7:30 and Alex had a Soccer game at 8 a.m.. We made it to both. Both Alex and Johnny won their games.
Pictures will be posted another day. Alex was pooped. We had no subs, and the last sport he played was baseball, which I call the "butt spreading sport" so he has some conditioning issues to deal with today.
So tonight, we are free forward to... I hope... going to the drive in.
No drive in... we installed my computer instead.
Windows Vista isn't bad at all! I've heard nothing but horrible things about it... but I like it!
I will post pictures of the new computer in a few days.

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