Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't Diss the Damsels!

Okay... I have another rant.
Remember... this blog is being published for my family, so I write whatever floats my boat,
so one of these days, my grandchildren will know how fiesty Nana Sandra was.
So... anyway... my rant is about the Olympics.
No, not the cheating Chinese, underaged gymnasts, not the fantabulous Michael Phelps mania, not the Chinese Platform Diver that says things like...
'I chose diving because I don't like to eat, I like to keep my weight under 80 lbs, so I chose diving so I don't make a big splash..."
No, my rant is not about her...
My rant is about those poor, gorgeous, mandarin collared, exquisitely dressed ladies that have the privilege of carrying the Medals and flowers on trays and present them to the schmuck that gets to hang the medals on the medalists necks.
Have you seen them?
They are so lovely... so courteous, so unflinchingly polite... and EACH AND EVERY TIME
some ugly jacketed Olympic committee members goes to grab the medal or flowers,
the lovely lady bows and looks right at the committee member in the eyes, and what happens?
Those ladies are just doing their jobs! The VERY LEAST the schmuck taking the goods can do is bow a tiny bit or look or acknowledge her!
Take at look at the next medal ceremony.
I may be the only person thinking or seeing it... but I feel so badly for those girls.
They just keep smiling... like they weren't just dissed like some call girl.
I was taught to say thank you for everything. At the very least, acknowledge someone servings presence!
I hope those lovely ladies are cursing them under their breaths.
Maybe they are paid to serve the 'ugly jackets' lunch and they do something "extra special" on their dishes.
I know... I know... I'm deviant.
I just hate hierarchy.
I think it's useless, especially in the Olympics.
But... I am the kind of person... that if I or someone I am with is not thanked or acknowledged properly I'll say something like...
"You are very welcome" (when he/she didn't say thank you when I've purchased something).
I have noticed that there are a lot of teenagers these days in the workplace that don't have even the basic's of what please and thank you are.
Okay... rant over...
Now ya know.
Don't you feel better?


  1. Saundra, I need some order forms for pamered chef. I think I would like to do a catalog party plus a regular party in the afternoon on a Saturday. Only because I have class until noon that day. So what is a good Saturday for you?

  2. As a matter of fact, yes, I feel better after your rant! Keep up the entertaining writing Saundra.


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