Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I miss Will!

Will got his pads today...
Ya... freaking...hoo.
Now they get to run into each other... HARD!
On purpose... to TRY to hurt each other!
What barbarian thought up football anyway!?!
Certainly not a Mama.
He is so excited he can't see straight.
I am so excited I could throw up.
Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay!
Got my nails done today. I went in during my regularly scheduled appt. time, but my nail guy
was taking his hag of a wife and his sweet son to the doctors, so I had to go later.
No bother... I just went to Trader Joe's and gave Joe something to sing about.
I love that store too much.
I'm going to need to get two carts next time I'm there.
Last night, I had a show, and my Hostess came over early and informed me that she wanted to be a consultant!!!
I signed her right up!
I love when things like that happen.
I've always called myself the Accidental Director, and last night was true to form.
She is going to be a lot of fun to train and get to know.
She is a talker... like me, and we can hardly get a word in edgewise with eachother!
I miss Will!
I do, I do, I do!
I even think his brothers miss him! They would never admit it though.
We find ourselves calling for him from across the house... and he's not there!
Will texts me 20 times a day though... so we stay in touch that way.
I miss him.
Johnny slept in his bed last night. So sweet!
I'm gonna go get my big rear in the pool now.
It's hot... I'm not, gonna go anyway...

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  1. Sounds like Will is having a great time. That's great he gets to experience that.


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