Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mama's Time Out

I just kicked the kids OUT of the house.
I need adult time.
I need to not worry about someone else for 5 minutes.
I am going to give my self a facial peel,
read 25 pages of a book, I just finished the entire Twilight Series,
and I am going to listen to my Ipod as loud as I want and dance around my house...
I have forgotten something about myself in the last 17 years of marriage.
I enjoy being alone sometimes.
I actually crave it.
I have gone to movies alone since I was a young adult, and I don't mind going to restaurants alone. I used to do that all the time in college, I would bring my homework to a restaurant and do my homework while someone else cooked for me, and refilled my coffee cup.
Yes... I tipped well... I know how frustrating it can be not to turn enough tables in an evening.
When I was 19, me and bunch of girl and guy friends of mine all went to Ensenada for Memorial Weekend. It was crazy, fun and wild... but when I told the 15 other people I was taking myself on a sightseeing tour by bicycle, and would not be attending the Bananas Bash they were attending, they were all really upset with me and wondering if they had done anything to upset me. It took an hour to convince them it was something I had to do, and they did nothing at all wrong. I invited them to come along to be polite, but secretly I was thrilled when no one thought it would be even remotely fun or necessary.
They called me weird and anti social, even though I was with them for the entire other 96 hours we were there.
I has such a great time biking around Ensenada, talking to locals, eating lunch on the beach,
being a young woman taking every opportunity to learn something from everywhere I went.
All my friends spent every waking moment in the bars, and never ventured outside them.
It didn't surprise any of them when I decided the next year to go to New York City alone for 3 weeks, visiting family and exploring the city alone, and the next year was Italy, France and Switzerland alone for a month and stay with exchange students we had a few years earlier.
Those were priceless years.
Since being married and having kids, I don't get the alone time I crave as often as I need it... and recently decided to carve out some time for myself by being creative.
I have booked myself at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach for a rejuvenation weekend... alone. Just one night where I can do, be and say anything and everything I want to.
I plan on writing... long hand, reading, ordering room service, and having an in room pedicure.
Next month, I am taking my best friend Mari to my time share in Vegas, and she knows how I will need Saundra time, having traveled with me to Chicago last year, so she will understand my need for a few hours. There are lots of other girls going, and my Mama too! My Mama is only too aware of how I need my "me" time.
I know lots of people think wanting or needing to be alone tends to signal depression or sadness, but it has quite the opposite definition to me.
It is my wellness time.
Clear the cobwebs.
I love being around lots of people. Crowds don't scare me one bit.
I also love being the center of attention. DUH!
But I also like meeting myself where I am at from time to time.
Even if its just locking myself in my bedroom with my Ipod and cold glass of Iced Green Tea like I have for so many years. My family used to think I was sad or mad... they have finally seen that I come out of my little quiet space... refreshed and smiling, every. single. time.
Have you had your "me" time lately?
It doesn't have to be extravagant, just peaceful... doing something you love!
Go on... scoot... go get your 'you' on!


  1. Good for you. Alone time is hard to come by these days.

  2. Mine is even walking the store by my self. I can go over my fridge and pantry while I am walking, plan dinners, and even think of the other stuff that is going on.

  3. I have to hand it to you. I have not had me time in I don't rememeber when. Saundra, how many people is suitable for a party for pampered chef.

  4. I do crave it, then when I get it, I'm lonely after about an hour. Guess I should try it more often!


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