Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mama Mia... Here I go again...

Well I really messed up this time.
Those of you that know me in town... know that I love to get my kids' hair bleached out for the summer and fall months.
Well, yesterday was hair cut day... my Mom, the hairdresser, came over and cut all our hair.
I had the brilliant idea for her to show me how to achieve the bleaching results
on the 2 boys who wanted their hair bleached, at home.
Like ANY good cosmotologist... she told me that the results are NEVER the same at home as they are at the salon. After 35 years experience in being the daughter of a professional hairstylist... you'd think I would have heeded her warning... yet again.
She was gracious enough to bring the bag of goodies to my house, and I proceeded to paint the goop onto the kids head. We usually use frosting stuff, but because I wanted to be able to do this at home, she had to bring over stuff that wouldn't burn their hair off their heads...
because we weren't at her salon.
What ALWAYS turns out beautifully into a soft, natural looking, sun kissed, job in the salon,
She laughed and said she warned me.
We had to process twice just to get some semblance of blond showing.
Remember the episode of the Brady Bunch when Greg accidentally dies his hair and it turns orangey blond?
Yep, that's what I got on Alex and Johnny's hair.
Unfortunately... they LOVED IT! They didn't want me to re process it... but I just couldn't let them walk around with orange heads.
So, yeah, my Mama smirked... giggled, and promptly asked...
"So, in two months we'll meet at my salon for a real job of doing hair?"
To which I replied...
"You love really love this don't you?"
She just smiled... knowing she was right... again.
It must be good to be the Queen.


  1. I bet it's not as bad as you say it is. Don't you just love it when Momma's always right. At least it's not permanent and hair always grows back it's normal color.

  2. It's OK. I've given haircuts they didn't like.


  3. Yeah... it's okay... but not the great quality they usually get.

  4. I can't wait until the day that I can be as gracious as your mom and mine. Maybe when my kids are adults? I have such a hard time now letting them go against my suggestions. Will I ever grow up to be like our moms?

  5. kATHY... I know!!! Gracious is NOT a word I would to describe me as a Mama.


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