Saturday, August 16, 2008

Casa De Shaver Dinner and Theatre

Dinner is ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, dinner and a SHOW at Casa De Shaver.
Not a meal goes by when not one, not two, but all three of my boys just
HAS to stand up and do, say, or act out, SOMETHING that happened that day.
For instance... Will may be talking about some kid in class that said... "blah, blah, blah, blah"
Whatever it was... just anything.
Then Alex will feed on that, and do pick of his million voices, to say the "blah" stuff in a that special voice... then Johnny will jump up on to his seat (not to be outdone or outshined, and act it out!
Many a dinner has revolved around this type of theatre. When we have guests over... they have no filter. They just do it like always, no matter what the subject matter.
I never thought anything about it, and most times, LOVED mealtimes with them because we eat, drink and crack up for an hour a night!
Sometimes someone will mildly choke on a piece of food (unavoidable when Alex is in rare form), or need to rush to the restroom so as not to wet the pants (johnny) from laughing so hard.
Then we had a dinner guest not to long ago.
So there we are... trying our best to be on our best behavior (Bill and I) when one of them
makes a comment that the other two deem guffaw worthy. Our guest laughs and just sits back and watches the show that ensues. My boys are in a world of their own, laughing, eating, sipping, and trying not to choke, right in front of our guest.
Nothing is gross (this time), nothing is ill mannered (this time), and no food perished during the meal, nor did it land in an unfortunate place(again, this time)... but I could tell, it is a very strange way to eat dinner for our guest. The food is not the show... what and how my kids interact is. The act of eating is secondary only to the show.
My Father in Law is used to it by now. My Papa, witnessing our strange ways, commented on it once, and found out very soon that if you can't beat 'em... join 'em.
So he did.
My Mama cracks up with us, and when she is watching the kids, looks forward to mealtimes because this inevitably happens.
We don't know why it happens.
Yes, I have had a flare for the dramatic since I was about 15 or so,
but this phenomenon is foreign to me.
I don't think Johnny had EVER eaten a meal in this house that he hasn't gotten up and done some sort of acting, outburst, laughing, jumping or squealing in delight.
Can you imagine what will happen when my men come over with their wives and kids and continue the tradition? It will be the most fun place to eat a meal in the world!
How many people get to laugh hysterically during every meal?
True... Probably only WE find the stuff they do funny. (and their grandparents, or course),
but when they are married with kids, they will find it funny too. I just know it.
I am just really glad it happens here... I feel like it is a gift to me and Bill.
Something we will be able to hold on to and bring up and laugh about with each other and our grandchildren.
Cool. Totally Cool.

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