Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Words again Wednesday

Today was another day of pampering.
Apparently my eyebrows needed mowing again.
While I was having my nails filled, the woman that gasped when she saw my
'stache came over to examine my eyebrows, and said...
'You need eyes done today". Not a question... a statement.
So I threw caution to the wind, and let her give me a pedicure too.
What the hell.
She was getting money out of me for my monobrow, might as well make her day and let her make fun of my Fred Flintstone feet in Vietnamese.
She did a really great job nonetheless, and painted GORGEOUS flowers on my toes.
Then it was off to grocery shop. I got a little miffed. I noticed... just like everyone is saying, the packaging is getting smaller and the prices are getting higher.
Remember "Little House on the Prairie?" Remember when Laura needed a penny to buy a chalkboard so she could learn at school, and that penny took an entire episode to get?
Whenever I see prices going up, I always think about what
Laura Ingalls would think of a box of cereal costing 499 pennies more than her chalkboard!
Yeah... I just admitted that out loud.
Can't take it back now.
Yes, my name is Saundra, and I think about
"Little house on the Prairie" when price comparison shopping.
There HAS to be a therapy group for people like me.
Man! I LOVED that show!
I wanted to MARRY Manzo, and Pa, and the big burly guy with the beard.
I was DEVASTATED when Mary lost her sight!
Oh! I'm okay now... no more Prairie talk.
So today I let Will drive the car from the garage to the driveway so he could wash it.
I know, no big deal... but he was THRILLED!
He started that puppy up, put it in drive and drove an entire 20 feet.
He had the audacity to ask if he could drive it out of the driveway, make a 3 point turn and pull into the garage.
I, of course, laughed at him and said
"Are you NUTS?"
Laura Ingalls would never let her kids drive the wagon!


  1. I don't what's worse you talkin' about the 'Prairie' or me going 'yeah I understand'.

  2. That's right, you don't have long until William starts driving! Wow!

  3. Dee! LOL!

    aNGELA - Yep... he drives our old Bronco all the time when he's up at my Fathers in Law. He has acreage and no one William can kill by vehicular manslaughter around him.

  4. Laugh! God you're funny. I really loved that show too. And you're right, Laura probably never would let her kids drive the wagon! I'm still laughing!


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