Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday Night Frenzy!

Yesterday was a pretty good day for the most part... until about 6 p.m.
First, a little boring background about my dental history.
Last year, I had the 3rd of three surgeries in 12 years under a tooth that has had 4 root canals within that 12 years.
The last surgery garnered 13 stitches along my gum line, under my tooth on my jaw.
No big deal. I was awake and totally alert for the entire thing,
having never been put under for any surgery, 3 c sections, 4 oral surgeries, I can take it.
I am more afraid of going under than knowing what is going on.
So I always opt for staying awake.
But I digress...
YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN WHAT A TOTAL BABY I WAS YESTERDAY... when I was swimming around and all of a sudden, the crown on my 'problem tooth' just popped off...
exposing all the ugly underlayer stuff of all the previous surgeries and root canals.
I was crying like a 2 year old. I was so grossed out! I never worried for one second during or before my surgeries, and this stupid tooth sends me into a tailspin? What was that?
Luckily, I have a FABULOUS endodontist, Dr. De Leon, and he stands by his work 150%,
and one of his staff, opened up their office for me last night, and re cemented my crown back on at 7:15 p.m.!
Dr. Mendoza, the endodontist on call, took a look at the tooth and said it looked great!
I was dumbfounded... the undertooth was all black!
He realized why I freaked out so badly, and explained that they use black cement, that wasn't my tooth, but the old cement. Once he cleaned it off, he showed me my pearly white, albeit, small ground down tooth. I felt much better.
I was fully expecting to have to fork over $500 or so for the emergency appointment, and he waived me away! NO CHARGE!
I love my hubby's union insurance AND Dr. De Leon and his associates!
So my tooth is back on, all clean and shiny underneath, and I just have to make an appt, with my regular dentist to have my crown seated better.
I am going to bring them lunch next week for the office and some Pampered Chef products to the office manager that came over in sweats just to open the office.
If you EVER need Endodontic care.... request Dr. De Leon and Associates. They have 3 offices in Riverside, San berdoo, and Upland.
So after that ordeal, we settled into our previous plans to watch the Olympics, have Pizza and salad and other goodies picnic style on my family room floor.
Our boys were out at a church for a movie night, so Bill and I were alone for a few hours.
It was sooo nice!
We actually like each other still!
We know we love each other... that is a given... but to still like each other is way cool!
We don't get much alone time at home... ever. Never actually.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and it was wonderful to do a collective sigh of contentment when all the men came walking into the house, our happy, loud, sometimes rowdy brood home safely. We loved being alone... but it felt good to have us all under one roof. We aren't at all ready for them to be gone... They are still babies to us.
So... my tooth catastrophy handled, the boys outing a success, and the Olympics a lovely display of human ingenuity, it was a good Friday Night.
I hope your's was too.


  1. Love the new surf/beach motif!
    I feel the exact same way when all my kids and hubby are home with me too.

  2. Good dentist or endodontists are hard to find. I am so glad that you were able to get it done so fast. Nothings worse than going the entire weekend with a broken tooth. I was so amazed at the opening ceremonies. It was amazing.

  3. So glad for you that it could be handled right away! That is the worst when you have to wait.


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