Wednesday, August 27, 2008

High School Daze...Day one.

It's official. He's in High School.
I bawled my eyes out last night. So ridiculous!
I cried like I lost a limb or something!
I'm gonna be a basket case, needing lithium just to stay coherent when he moves out and is on his own!
Holy Cow!
I wrote him a long letter last night telling him how proud we are of him and how much we love him. I played sad music so I would pour my heart out. Yeah, pretty masochistic of me... but that's how I roll. Deal.
So I wrote it all out, put it on my purse for this morning, and it fell off, and I just found it on the floor when I got home.
Whatever. He'll read it eventually.
I just told him what I wrote about anyway, on the way to school. That's what's nice about having a little commute to school. Talk time.
He will be putting in 12 hour days. School until 3 p.m. then football until 8 p.m., then 6 classes of homework. I told him to enjoy the down time this summer, because I knew what was coming. This school is major serious about their academics. Their elective list reads like a major university's.
My baby boy is growing up.
It is as it should be...
but it still hurts.


  1. You know how kids say they have x amount of years until they are adults? That's how I feel about how many years I have left of them being kids. It goes by WAAAY to quick.

  2. You mean K-garten isn't the only time you bawl about kids starting school? Great. I am glad to know I'm not the only crier around here. I laughed about the music. I am guilty of this as well....I cant resist a good melody that makes me ponder, think, about things.

  3. Oh Adrian... it is so good have a co commiserator. Sad music is my muse for writing to the ones I love. It squeezed the heart like a sponge. I slept like a dead woman last night from all the crying all day. And no... you have many years of tears ahead... thankfully, they will be tears of joy and accomplishment.

  4. Ugghh!!! Okay, today was my day to cry!!! My oldest's first day in a foreign high school (Colton!!!!). I drove him and gave him my words of caution and expectation when he said, "Just drop me off here mom, I'm fine."

    He'll have the same schedule as Will. When will they eat???? The power bars won't carry them that long. My hubby and son both told me that he'd figure it out. I didn't need to pack a sandwich. Sniff, sniff!!! I don't care if it is hormones!!

  5. Oh kathy, i so feel for you! Reading your post brought back how tough last week was.

    Bill is the same way... very manly man about it. Thank God for Dads, because my kids would be wusses if I were the only parent.

    I still packed a lunch because I will not shell out $5 a day for lunch. I did the math, and we could buy a huge something else for that. I'm cheap.

    Hormones? No, I think it's just tough being the Mama's of only boys. We are brave, and strong and know we have to work doubly hard to keep our babies.


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