Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday tantrum

Holy Cow... the summer is winding down...
This has been the most UNsummer summer I've ever had with the kids.
It has been non stop since school let out!
I hear it just gets more like this the entire 4 years of High School.
Will is loving Football. He likes the comraderie of all the guys, and seems to have fit in seamlessly. He comes home with lots of stories, and lots of smiles. Pray it lasts.
I just got the book list for his school that I need to buy.
I wish I had bought stock in Amazon.com.
The kick back would be awesome!
Bye Bye new Ipod... Bye Bye new sheers for the rest of the patio... for now.
Books come first. ;(
I was on Amazon last night planning on purchasing the last installment of the Twilight series
Daybreak, and I caught myself! What the heck was I doing! So I bought 3 of the 15 books Will needs instead.
It's hard to be unselfish! I hate it!
I do! I do! I do! (picture foot stomping and a pout)
Found out yesterday that Alex has won his Election for Student Council at their school!
So, of course, there are meetings starting next week.
Bye Bye last beach fling!
Alex and Will are both looking forward to reffing for Soccer this year.
Mostly, they are excited about making money.
I informed Bill that I would like to take another trip to NYC next year, but this time for Spring Break... as soon as Alex heard that... he immediately made a list of all the stores he wanted to hit
on 7th avenue and Times Square for his shopping pleasure.
All toy and electronic stores of course.
Johnny wants to take the Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan again,
and Will just loves NYC for the entire package it has to offer.
He'll probably buy school clothes. He's kind getting into them this year,
and NYC is about 2 seasons ahead of us out here.
I just love that city period.
I can never get enough. I am not a fan of visiting places more than once...
but Italy and NYC are the exceptions.
I need something wonderful to look forward to. It makes the long days more manageable
when there is something off in the distance.
So... other than the first day of school bliss for Mama, NYC is my next stop.
I'm just so sick and tired of being a chauffer this summer!
The kids haven't had any down time!
So that means I haven't had any down time either!
That sucks!
Tantrum over... I've vented.
I'll smile now


  1. I love your new goal! That will be fun.

  2. Darn kids. We know we have to enjoy it though...only 4 years left with Will, then off to who knows where. That's what were realizing now.


  3. Dee.. 4 yrs left my eye!

    I am brainwashing them NOW to only choose a school within a one hour drive from here.

    No way is he leaving me at 18! No way!!! Not my babies! NOOOOOOO!


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