Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Well... Will is gone to what is affectionately known as
"Hell Week" but because he attends a private Christian High School, we, the heathens, call it that. Everyone else there calls it "Football Camp".
He will be gone for the next 5 days, sleeping in the Gym, showering there, eating there, sweating there. I miss him already... NOT!
He is going to have SUCH a GREAT time!
Yesterday we kicked Camp off with a BBQ at a DROP DEAD, RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS, house of one of the players in Redlands. OMG! 4 of my house could have fit in that one.
It was built in the 1900's and it was just so lovely, and welcoming, and spacious.
It was so nice meeting all the players parents, seeing who we are going to be screaming, jumping and nail biting with for the next 4 months. I kept hearing how academically difficult this school is, and it just inspiring to see parents care so much about their academic prowess as much as their physical. Most of the talk, among the freshman moms and dads, was already on what college's our kids were going to apply to. I LOVED THAT!
I thought I was the ONLY ONE already talking about that with my kids!
I've always known it is too late to discuss that stuff as a Junior, and those conversations should start in Kindergarten... but it was so refreshing to be among other anal retentive parents
who worry about academics more than sports!
We have a great group of parents, and we all bonded immediately.
Because it is such a small school, only 500 in the high school from 9-12th, it isn't hard to
know everyone quickly, and really help keep an eye all our kids, not just our own.
It has a real sense of community that I just love about schools like this.
Nothing upsets me or makes me want to puke more than people that only care about what happens to their own families, to the detriment of others.
You know, the "I don't want to get involved" syndrome or the "Well, MY kids aren't doing that, so until they are... I won't help someone else" mentality.
So far... I don't sense that here.
I hope it lasts.
I do tend to be a bit cynical.
Saturday, Will went over to his school to help with "Clean Up day". He worked really, really hard and came home saying he personally painted 2 entire hallways. I just know that now,
when he walks through those hallways to school, he will have a sense of pride knowing he
did something to make them look so sparkling clean. How do I know this?
Because at dinner that night he said...
"I painted two whole hallways... if I see anyone even THINKING about dirtying them up, they will have to come through me!"
I think I'll make him re paint the entire interior of our home... soon... really soon.
Soo, he's gone for the week. We'll see if he has any hair left on his head by the end of the week.
He is a freshman, after all.
There WILL be practical jokes... I was forewarned by the well meaning coaches.
Hair grows back... so do eyebrows and leg hair.
It will be an interesting Friday, when we pick him up.


  1. I have noticed a big change in Will too. It seems like he has matured quite a bit over the summer. You are doing a great job Saundra keep up the good work.

  2. Community service gives such a sense of pride. I wish they insisted on it in middle school! Guess I could do it myself though instead of waiting on someone else! It just always helps to have resources.

  3. It really does. He enjoyed himself.


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