Saturday, August 2, 2008

Date Night

Last night was fun!
Bill, Johnny and I saw Mamma Mia and went to dinner.
(Johnny got to hang out with us because it was his reward for not giving me lip)
Not exactly "date night" but Johnny thought it was WAY cool to spend time with us, and no brothers. Because he had no competition... that kid never stopped talking.
He had opinions about every little thing, every person walking by, his food, the movie, the sidewalk, you name it... he talked about it.
Bill and I just stared at him.
We both thought it was weird to have only one of them along.
After the movie, we wandered into a Chocolate store so Bill could have his fix,
and the lady ringing us up asked if Johnny was my little boy, and I said yes, but not before letting her know he was the youngest of three.
Like she cared!
Like it mattered!
It was like I didn't feel whole or put together without my brood with me.
What am I gonna do when they are all moved out and on their own...
wear a t shirt that explains my family tree?
What might it say?
"Hi, I'm Saundra, I'm 100% Italian, 1st generation, I have been married for x number of years, I have three gorgeous sons, ages. x , x, and x, no I don't have a perm, this is my natural frizz,
I cut my bangs too much, I love baking bread, and my favorite color is purple"
Puhleeeze... NO ONE CARES!
I really have to start editing my speech. hee hee.
I don't know which version of Mamma Mia I liked better, the movie or the stage production.
I have to tell you though,
I bawled my eyes out during the Dancing Queen part, when all the women from the village were ditching their chores to just run and leap and dance with their sisters of the estrogen persuasion!
It is totally something I adored!
I love when women realize, at their more advanced ages, that they really are just young, vibrant, lovely, sexy, fabulous girls inside, just waiting to be flirty and let it all just
be for a moment and enjoy being a girl, no matter what the outer shell looks like!
I could watch that part over and over a million times and I would cry each time, for the sheer
joy and abandonment of it.
It was magical.
I was shushed a couple of times for singing every single song from memory.
I had the 8 track of every Abba song made in the 70's when I was 10. I am normally pretty quiet in movies... but I just couldn't help it.
A couple of months ago, I downloaded all the original Abba songs to my Ipod, with Abba singing.
Bill was not amused. ;)
Have any of you ever seen the movie "Muriels Wedding" with Toni Collette?
It has all Abba songs in it too.
At my wedding, we had "I do, I do, I do, I do, I do" played during the reception.
In "Muriels Wedding" she walks down the aisle in a sham wedding to " I do".
Okay, enough Mamma Mia.
I have to go do Laundry now...
I do I do I do I do I do...


  1. OK now I'm ready to rent Muriel's Wedding.

  2. I love that Movie!

    It's set and filmed in Australia.

    Toni Collette is Australian, and so is her best friend in the movie... the wife from The Rookie, and on Brothers and sisters.

    I watch it whenever it's on Tbs or Hbo or which ever it plays on.

    I thinks I'll rent it too.

  3. Oh! D!

    It's not a musical... just so you know. But still a good movie.

  4. loved muriels wedding. Really want to see mama mia! Me and my BF in grade school used to lip sync to ABBA in front of the mirrow with our hairbrushes as microphones. Good times, I tell ya, good times.

  5. Adrian,

    ME TOO! love the hairbrushes... still kinda use it when my Ipod is playing while I apply my shelac... er... I mean makeup!


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