Friday, August 1, 2008

Factoid Friday

Woo Hoo!
Will got contacts today!
He loves them! Now he can pilfer his Dad's Oakley sunglasses.
They already share shoes and clothes, why not accessories too!
We also got him another pair of stylish regular glasses. So dapper!
Been hearing and reading alot lately about Carla Bruni. She would mean absolutely nothing to me except Bruni is my maiden name! It is really weird to see my former surname in print.
In Italy, Bruni is a very common last name... like Smith here,
but in America, there are only 1500 or so, of us.
She is married to France's Prime Minister, and she has had quite a past. I hope we are related somehow! That would be cool.
Just thought I would mention it so when I print my blog again...
it is written for my grandbabies to read.
Bill and I are going on a date tonight.
I didn't take the boys to the movies today. Too much attitude and dissrespect from them today... so no way was I rewarding that.
Instead, Bill and I will spend that money on ourselves and our date.
Neener Neener to the boys...
Maybe they'll learn their lesson.
You'll never hear or see me write how "perfect" my kids are... cuz they aren't!
Teens and pre-teens are such FUN!
Alex told me today, very respectfully that I tend to over react to what I call dissrespect, and most parents wouldn't consider how they spoke to me dissrespectful at all.
He is most likely right. I have seen and heard many a parent take lip and lip service from their kids, to my mortification, yet, the parent just poo pooed it away.
To him I gently said...
"I will raise you my way... if other parents wouldn't bat an eye at that... that is to their detriment down the line... as for me and my house... we will do it my way. I am not here to be your friend... I am your Mama, and for the sheer fact that I gave birth to you... feed you... clothe you and love you... you will give me the respect and treat me the way I deem appropriate. or you will have privileges taken away from you. I expect you to treat your wife, Mother in Law, and all other women in your life the same way... get used to it."
He went quiet after that.
I think he got it.
He really just got a little lippy today... but give an inch take a mile is my motto.
I just won't have it.
I tolerate even less when I hear them give their Dad lip. I go all ape face on them, making them feel badly for treating the man that gives us our wonderful lifestyle, all our vacations, anything and everything we desire, private school, all the bells and whistles of life... by being lippy.
I can get 'em crying if I do it right.
I know... bad Mama.
Sue me.
Bill is a good Dad, excellent provider, and cute as hell!
Only I can terrorize him... not our kids. ;)
Until later!


  1. I feel the same way about lip and giving help when I need it. They want help asap and I expect the same kind of service.

  2. Not bad Mama, GOOD Mama!


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