Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's all over!

The Olympics are OVER! No more excuse to watch TV all. day. long!!!
Or at the very least have the TV on all day while housework is getting done!
What to do! What to do!
I have to say... Swimming, gynastics (both kinds) Beach Volleyball, and synchronized swimming were my faves. Oh! And Diving! Oh and handball was interesting.
I have confess, I thought it was going to be literally hitting a ball against a stupid wall. I was pleasantly surprised.
I wasn't happy about all the showboating and carrying on in Track. Some decorum should be the standard in the Olympics, and I hope the next generation of athletes learns lessons from this year.
This week is Back To School week. Full of Locker parties, Student Council meetings, Back to School nights etc... exciting and worrisome.
Gone are the days of not caring what time they go to bed, how late we eat dinner, and what they do all day.
Back to copious amounts of homework, structure and routine.
You know... I finished school a long time ago, and thought I was done with all that, and I am reminded every year that my parents were SO FORTUNATE to have been new immigrants while I was growing up. They didn't have to worry about if they knew all my homework, or how to help me. They were just learning to speak English! What a blessing! For them!
I had to fend for myself.
Lucky dogs.
I'm EXPECTED to know everything by my kids. Johnny says stuff like...
"Come on Mama... don't kid me... You know everything! Help me!"
How am I supposed to burst that bubble!
So I trudge through.
My Math isn't so hot, so I defer to Bill and Will for those questions.
Ignorance really is bliss, I have figured out.
I love school. I can see their little minds crankin, smell the smoke from all the thinkin', the early bedtimes, the house all to myself, leaving the house whenever I want, not speaking all day long if I don't want to, going to lunch with friends, not having to say "No" and "Stop That"... HUH? Oh! Sorry, I'm awake now... just daydreaming again.
Yes... um... I just love back to school for all the good reasons for the kids! Yeah, for the kids. That's it... for the KIDS!
We purged all old and outgrown clothes today too. My gardeners kids hit the jackpot this time.
3 full trash bags full. Johnny finally has pants that are too tight in the waist. He always outgrows them in the length, and never in the waist... the little skinny critter.
So now their closets are ready to be blessed with new clothes.
MY personal favorite part of back to school.
So until tomorrow... happy Sunday Night!

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