Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School Night

Last night was Back to School Night at Will's new High School.
I think "Back to School Night" is a misnomer.
I think it should be called...
"Oh Good, you're here... won't you join PTA, Booster, Scrip, Volunteer here, Head this, Man that,
Show up at Stupid O'clock for this, cook for that, leave a blank check here for all this,
and Oh! Here's your son's Schedule and Locker!"
But I guess "Back to School" night is much easier to put on a banner!
It was actually a ton of fun!
Lots of kids were there, I saw lots of families I didn't know were attending,
and were so happy they were!
The theme for the school year this year is "Care for One Another" and really building a sense of community within and without our school.
I jumped on the "I've got a kid in High School Football" bandwagon and purchased every single sweatshirt, hat, t shirt ladened, logo'd thing they had.
Will is gonna have a cheering section decked out in Black and Red!
There are families driving from Upland and Corona attending our school.
I am officially done complaining about my tiny commute. After all, it is my choice.
Will told me that someone asked him this weekend, where he was playing football. When he told him, the guy just said... "Awww, William, why there?"
'Uh... how old are you??" was the answer I wish he would have given the guy. He sounded like he was still in High School with the attitude.
Then Willam asked me if he (Will) was playing real football, because his school is small
(500 students in High School), to which I replied...
Do you wear full pads? Yes.
Do you run and try to push, pull, tackle, and protect your quarterback? yes.
Are there special rules for your team? No.
Did you know that you play secular schools too? No.
It's weird that people think because a kid is playing a sport at a Christian School, that
it isn't the same somehow. It's regular, full contact, come home bruised, ice this, bandage that,
full pads, mouth guarded, grunt, spit, get mean, get nasty, psych out the other team, football.
The benefit of Will playing here rather than our local High School?
2500 less kids, he will actually play offense and defense, because we only have 50 kids on the team, not 120 where 70% surf the bench in uniform.
So there... person who put down Will's school.
Neener, freakin, Neener.
I get kinda sick of defending my choice.
Oh well... can't end ignorance all by myself.
So last night was fun, informative, and began and ended with a prayer.
Such a nice touch.

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  1. Oh Saundra, keep trying, you'll certainly make a dent!


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