Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School Night part 2

So, last night was Back to School night for my younger two. Now that Alex is in Student Council, each of the kids was asked to represent an Outrageous First Friday that will taking place throughout the year, and of course, true to form, Alex chose to represent "CRAZY HAIR DAY".
What he wanted to do was spray his hair blue, but I can't stand that color spray, it gets all over the house, so this was our alternative solution to color. I was trying for the Sanjaya look, but he recently cut the top of his head open and I had to be gentle down the middle, so we had to be random. I must say it was very strange putting ponytails on my son.
Very strange.
I can't tell you what the Q-tips were about... I just nodded and obliged. I don't do that very often, so he took full advantage of the situation and my willingness.
I. Am. So. Proud.
So, because he is now in ASB, he was on stage, presented to all of us in the chapel, and announced as "Crazy Hair Day" model. It was so funny! I heard audible sighs of relief from many of the Kindergarten parents when they realized that his hair was NOT a normal occurence!
See, every first Friday of each month, all the kids in Elementary get to dress up in myriad of different ideas. One O.F.F. is Sports Day, another is Twin Day, another is Secret Agent or Pajama Day, and of course Crazy Hair Day, Alex's personal fave. Each of the kids in ASB dressed up as a representative of a scheduled O.F.F day.
Loads of people asked where William was. It was nice. This school goes from K-12, and since I pulled Will, they were curious.
Alex will be attending Will's school next year, as it goes from 7th-12th. And Johnny will be right behind him, if they don't end up having Johnny skip a couple of grades. He's finding Elementary school very, very easy. So we're having him tested. He reads at a 7th grade level, and he's in 4th this year. Last years teacher didn't have much to teach him (her words), and she thought he would better fit into the 5th grade class as far as academics go.
We'll see. Maturity is a factor. Last night he was looking at (pouring over) Will's Geometry book, and kept saying... "Oh, I know that, and Oh, that's a..."
Scary, very scary.
Yes, he takes after his Mama! Just kidding! I'm kidding! Calm down!
I can't add 2+2, which is precisely why I Majored in English and Composition.
Bill is the Math guy.
So anyway... Only a couple more days, and they are on their way to school.
Mama is ready for a break.
So ready...
There will no crying this week. Hormones have settled.
Thank the Good Lord Above!
That was awful!


  1. Okay, as you can tell I'm reading from where I left off and haven't read ahead yet. No more tears?!?!? I'll stay tuned my friend.

  2. No tears today when the other two went to school. I don't know why.


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