Friday, August 15, 2008

Frantic Friday

Frantic Friday...
That's what today is.
Went to get Will's contacts checked again today. They were running an hour behind schedule.
Such fun! We finally got a pair that have the right oxygen ratio and they finally
gave us his prescription. We also got his new pair of glasses today too. Very dapper indeed.
Tomorrow is ACA Workday and we are expected to attend. He will be cleaning up the Middle School Gym with his teammates, while I hand out ice cold water to all the hard working men.
Hell Week starts next week so we have to get packing for that. He will be living at school for the entire week. We need to get an air mattress, towels, shower supplies, etc... rounded up for his
16 hour a day practices.
All the Mama's are supplying food and drinks 3 times a day.
I am in charge of onions, lettuce, 3 dozen eggs and my Mama's Cinnamon Cake for the last
dinner on Friday. Plus, I am serving the men their snacks on Thurs and Friday of next week.
They are really eating only healthy, wonderful foods. Tons of fruit, veggies, power bars, etc...
I love that they don't advocate sugary drinks, and insist on water for the main drinking source of fluids. My kids ONLY drink water at home unless it is a birthday.
So I will only have 2 kidlets here next week.
Next week will be back to school shopping week. I am soooo excited!
I love buying them new clothes!
I love seeing their taste, and if my preaching about not worrying about what everyone else is doing and just do what you like, is working.
I don't mind a few name brand things... but when it starts to get to $150 a shirt... it's a little ridiculous, just for the stupid NAME! No way Jose!
I just like good quality clothes that they will wear over and over again.
William grows so freaking fast... he gets new clothes every three months.
Alex has hand me downs that are 2 years old, waiting for him to fit into them. Sometimes they get so outdated, I just give them to the GoodWill, to make room for all Alex's clothes.
Of course... Alex finds his few favorites, and wants to wear the same thing each week, every week. Uh... no... not on my watch.
Johnny, as usual, is just happy to be alive! Joyful for the sun coming out.
That kid lights up a room with his sheer joy at just being.
I'm thirsty... I need more green tea...

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