Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

Actually, I brainfaded and forgot it on the bleachers at the scrimmage on Friday Night.
I didn't realize it until today, when I wanted to download my pictures on my Easyshare Docking Station and saw that it wasn't there.
I tore my house up and down... but I really think I just left it sitting on the bleachers.
So stupid.
Thank God I didn't have a bunch of pictures on it. I only had about 10. Since I started blogging, I empty my camera once a week, so I don't have pictures in limbo.
I am going to call Rubidoux High School tomorrow and check and see if anyone turned it in and has a conscience. I don't have much hope... I would like to, but I am just too skeptical for that nonsense.
Sooo, in the face of minor adversity... I bought a brand new camera today. Mine was about 8 years old, and this one has all the bells and whistles of the 21st century.
So it should be here in a day or so.
If I get my old one back... William will take it.
My cut of the catering job my Mom and I did just about covered the expense. I was saving it for the trip to Vegas... but I'll just have to cut something else out.
I still feel sick about leaving that camera. I do not do things like that at all.
I WAS going to post pictures of Will's plays he made and some cute cupcakes my Mom and the boys made on Friday Night... but alas... they are either in Lost & Found or someone else's possession.
Last night we went to the Drive in. I made Meatball Calzones, salad and sandwiches for dinner, and they ate the cupcakes for dessert. We ate behind our car, on a table with chairs all around.
We had a proper dinner at the movies, like we always do. We forgot the tablecloth this time, but we won't forget next time.
We saw Disaster Movie, and The Mummy. Disaster Movie is NOT for kids at all. All those movies are stupid, but this one took the cake.
The Mummy was good. Brendan Frasier is so nice to look at.
At that was our evening.
Quiet, nice, but hot, and me with no clue my camera was missing, totally oblivious to that little factoid.
We'll see what my phone call turns up tomorrow.
Wish me luck.
I'm going to give a $50 reward for the camera... so maybe that will sweeten the deal a little.

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