Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Whew! Busy weekend! I am so not used to it!
Friday night, we all went to the Varsity Football game at Will's high school, fully expecting to just watch the game with the rest of the Freshman parents... just there to show support...
and Lo and behold!!!
WILL GOT TO PLAY! He didn't tell us! We knew he was dressing out, just so the team looked bigger and formidable, and we thought it was all for show... but then, in Half time,
we noticed Will being prepped for play!
It was soo exciting!
The Team won 60-22 and Will ran like the wind and sacked the Quarterback!
It was such fun!
We had the band, cheerleaders, announcers, mascot, and the whole enchilada there.
For JV games, we don't get all those perks.
It was very cool. Very, Very cool.
The next day, we had to move our money from our accounts with failing banks, to other banks that aren't stupid, in between soccer games and my Pampered Chef show in Chino Hills.
That feat was such fun! NOT!
Then we rented movies and vegged in front of the boob tube.
Love Guru was really dumb, and BabyMama was hilarious.
Today, I had two shows at the same time! I loved it!
One was my Sis in Law Tammie, and the other was Sharon.
They all ate well, ordered well, and hopefully will close quickly and neatly.
Hint, Hint!
My niece Jennifer is signing up to be a consultant in Oct!
She loves to cook and knows a lot about my tools already...
so she just has to get on the phone and ask, ask, ask.
Tonight we made homemade pizza. It was yummy and I am exhausted.
Now I get to go do a ton of laundry!
Doesn't my life sound like a dream right out of a Fairy tale?
Yeah, I know... you are jealous of my laundry aren't you?
I get that all the time.
OH! It seems I DID have a witness when the She Devil came a-knocking at my door!
We have a neighbor on our street, who, in the past has not been the kindest gentleman, but kept to himself, kept his lawn perfect, and never made a peep unless someones kid was 50 yards from his lawn. He has since been diagnosed with inoperable Lung Cancer and has recently has a "come to Jesus", and seems to have grown a heart. (We have a colorful neighborhood) Well, he told another neighbor that he saw She Devil marching toward my house, and he kept his ear open on his porch, and he heard every. single. word, she said to me, and wondered what on earth I could have done to deserve that. The other neighbor friend filled him in, and he was disgusted.
And, my next door neighbor found out, having had altercations with the Clueless Wonders in the past, and told Bill that if it EVER happens again, I am to call her immediately. She works from home all day every day. She is NOT GOING TO HAVE IT! she said. They are awful people those Clueless Wonders.
I feel so much better knowing someone has my back on our street. I am home alone a lot.
She says we all have to stick together and make our neighborhood what we want, and I couldn't agree more.
I'm out!

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