Monday, September 8, 2008

Manic Monday

What a whirlwind of a day!
A lovely friend came over today for lunch.
It was so nice chatting with her!
Thanks Holly, for being such great company!
Then it was off to get the boys...
Homework, soccer... and I decided I would try to bake.
Bad idea.
Oh Bread... yeah, I do that. I tried baking cookies for their lunches.
Who am I kidding!
A baker...I am not!
I abandoned the idea when I learned I didn't have any vanilla in the house.
My Mama is going to have a skin cancer removed from her nose.
Keep her in your prayers please.
So weird. She is NEVER, EVER, EVER in the sun... and she had skin cancer cells.
I used BABY OIL AND OLIVE OIL to sunbathe when I was a teen, and I get my moles checked all the time, with no problems.
Poor thing.
Oh! What am I doing on here! I have Pampered Chef host packets to make!
If any of my hosts are reading this... your host packets are going in the mail tomorrow morning!


  1. I hope that your mom is ok. It's crazy to think taht something we did as teenagers will still come to haunt us later in life.

  2. I just had our middle son checked by a specialist and he explained how rare skin cancer is for his skin type (part Italian, yet quite dominant!). Glad she's taking care of herself and not assuming she's protected because of her mediterranean skin.

  3. Letti, My Dermatologist says it would be rare if I got Skin Cancer because of my olive skin tone.

    My Mom has very, very white skin, and is very prone. Why? I don't know. I guess my Dad's kind of Italian is more protective. He is very dark skinned compared to my Mom and so am I.

    Kathy, Bravo Vivo Italiano! We do tend to be moley, but 99% benign.


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