Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scrimmage is not the same as game...

I'm dumb... I didn't know last night was just a scrimmage until we got there...
We did a great job, they never scored on us, and we scored once, but there were 4 teams playing at the same time. Pretty cool, but not a game by any means.
Will got to play 4 times. He held his guy...never let him pass... and apparently that's what he was supposed to do. I... am clueless.
Yesterday was a nonstop day. From 6 am to 10 p.m. it was go, go, go.
I cooked 20 lbs. of pasta yesterday, and make garlic bread out of 25 loaves of bread.
If I see ANY pasta for the next month, I will scream!
The Fohi Football team ate very, very well yesterday!
It was so weird seeing my old High School again. So much has changed! It looks like a prison more than the school I went to. Back in the day, we had no fences, off campus lunch, no security guards... so sad how schools need those things now.
So last night was fun, and exciting, and eye opening. We were the only private school there, and there was some taunting going on... like, behind us, a bunch of kids from one of the other high schools were saying stuff like "Oh Jesus! Save us! Those kids from the other schools are hitting our babies! Jesus save us!" I was pissed. So I slowly turned around, looked the hoodlums in the eyes and said...
"You know... Jesus is the perfect one... I still make mistakes, and occasionally slip up and dish out what is given right back... kindly keep your comments to yourselves or I'll take it up with your parents, whom I am sure never raised you to speak or shout such things in public, and if they did, then they should be slapped and ashamed of themselves."
They promptly moved their little butts away, and shut up after that.
As soon as we got there, two other schools were taunting each other, and a collision took place and 3 kids were taken away by ambulance.
We were incredulous! Totally bewildered! There were parents right there just watching the fighting! So stupid!
Oy! And the language! Girls saying F this and F that like it was the word "the"!
I was very happy about our little school after seeing that.
We were in Rubidoux.
I feel another stupid parents speech coming,... hold me back!
Alex and Johnny both won their soccer games again today. It was hot, but still nice.
They played well.
Will is reffing today as well. I guess he doesn't need sleep.
So tonight, we are off to the Drive In.
Have a great night!

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